How do you manage the potential leads and prospect projects  that you are tracking for your construction company? Do you use cocktail napkins, sticky notes or a fancy excel spreadsheet? The new world of apps on used on mobile devices allow construction manager to track their business prospect activity better than ever before. The question at hand is which platform is the best choice for your company to use. Here are a few great CRM (Customer Relation Management) platforms to try out.


The Cloze platform allows users to track their interactions with contacts through calls, emails and social media engagement. The app has five tabs that allows users to view their recent activity. The Agenda tab shows you what events you have on the calendar for the day such as calls and meetings. The Inbox tab allows users to review recent emails from prospects. The People tab allows users to access their prospect contacts and make calls, send text messages or send emails that will be tracked by the platform. The Projects tab allows users view their current projects to track the activity.


The Pipedrive platform allows users to track the life cycle proposals from idea conception to signing a deal. Pipedrive has a integration with all Google Apps (Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks). The deals tab allows users to see where potential deals are at. The Activities tab is where users can schedule calls, emails, and tasks. The Contacts tab allows users to call your current prospect contacts and log the calls. The Search tab allows users to search the app for items. The More tab allows users to access other features such as user information, contact import and to sign out of the app.

Other Options

There are a few interesting options that construction professionals can bend to their will as a basic CRM platform.


Users can create notes with checklist to document calls, emails and other communications.


Users can create calendar reminders, set future reminders, and search previously sent emails.


Users can create a board and cards to track activity.

What Customer Relationship Management platform do you use? Please leave a comment on why you use and prefer your CRM platform.