In the new world of cloud based mobile apps small construction businesses need to look at ways to streamline and improve their workflows. These new apps can help smaller teams gain a competitive advantage over larger teams. Creating an environment in which information can be exchanged faster and more freely allows teams to operate at a higher efficiency. Here are a few great apps to help small businesses…

Cloze (CRM)

A cloud based platform to track your prospect interactions with contacts through calls, emails and social media engagement. User that install the mobile app on their smartphone can track all of the calls, emails and social media messages the send to potential clients. This app helps team members remember when was the last time they spoke with a prospect. The mobile apps provides a visual road map for who they should contact next.

Evernote (Notes)

Do you want a way to have your notes… organized, searchable and backed up to everyday? Do you want to create notes and add photos, audio notes, and even files? There are many apps that allow a user to take notes. There are free apps, free apps that charge your use there higher functions, and paid apps. The Evernote app allows users to share and distribute a notes or folders to your team. The Evernote app also allows users create notes that are searchable, attach photos, attach audio notes attached, and can be shared.

Ruby (Call Assistant)

A cloud based virtual phone answering service. Ruby provides small teams with an actual human being to answer a phone line, take a message, and forward the message to the appropriate party. This can free up team members to focus on running the business and not get distracted by unimportant phone calls or sales pitches they are not interested in.

Slack (Project Communication)

A cloud based collaboration tool to assist company teams with finding threads of details through multiple lines of communication. Teams can move away from long email chain to develop a more streamlined approach to team communication.

“We use slack all day, every day, to communicate quickly and effectively with the various groups and individuals of our team. The Integrations, attachments and custom groupings make sharing of information much more efficient and traceable. We have essentially eliminated internal email.” Peter Grant, CEP Safesite 

A cloud based collaborative task management system for tracking to do list. A few forward thinking construction companies have leveraged this platform to manage projects. For example a Project Executive will start a new board for a project. He will then create cards for items such as building a schedule, creating a buyout log, and writing a site safety plan. The Project Executive can visual keep track of assigned items by using the mobile app.

“Trello helps us delegate and track tasks amongst our team members. You always know what everyone is working on and how close they are to completion.” Peter Grant, CEP Safesite 


What apps does you team use to streamline workflows? Please leave a comment and spread the word!