Construction is big business in North America and in 2016 non-residential construction spending is set to grow 7.4% in the US. With about 400,000 residential contractors in North America, and new residential construction spending predicted to grow past US$410 billion in 2016, it is not surprising that a ton of commercial construction apps exist.

What is surprising is the lack of residential contractor apps out there for remodelers. I did some digging around to find a few top apps for remodelers, and while the market isn’t saturated by any means, the quality of apps certainly holds up. Here are some game-changers for your residential contracting business:

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how many customers your have, if they aren’t able to pay up when invoice time comes around, well… zlien is leading the pack across various industries for protection again every business-owners’ personal nemesis, non-payment. zlien is lien rights made easy. Subcontractors, material and equipment suppliers, GC’s and more use the service. Fuel your AR by managing notices and lien wavers across your entire project portfolio. You have enough to manage, put this one on lienpilot with zlien. This one’s a no-brainer for sure!

Renoworks Pro
This software falls into the “disruptive tech” category and every single general contractor and remodeler should sign up for a quick demo immediately. If you can color between the lines, you can figure out how to use this app. The basic idea is that you upload a photo of the home, trace around different parts of the home with easy to use tools (roofing, siding, windows, etc), and insert real building products on the photo from over 250 manufacturer catalogues.  Homeowners get to see the before and after photos before committing to the job. It makes decision making far easier than sifting through swatches and trying to visualize it yourself.

Reduce your overhead, build faster and keep your customers happy. Sounds like a plan! This cloud based home builder and remodeler software helps keep everyone organized and keeps your projects on track. They assist in the areas of Pre-Sale Process, and Project and Customer Management. The project management platform allows users to update daily logs, complete daily report and take progress photos. 

Hover (not to be confused with the drone app)
The almighty cell phone camera strikes again. What would we do without it? Design and measure any home in minutes. Take a few photos from the Hover App and via the cloud. Hover’s patented algorithms create an interactive 3D model within 24 hours. 24 hours people! The app allows users to customize and design a full exterior package. App users can share their design with anyone through a cloud connection.

Market Sharp
Do you feel like your management processes are a bit dated? Time to leave the land of the dinosaurs perhaps? Market Sharp, like BuilderTREND, gives you the tools to get organized, grow sales, and work less.   Market Sharp includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and operations management functionality for remodelers, contractors or home service professionals. Take your business to the next level, from lead generation to final invoice, with this web-based software.

Home Design 3D
Here’s a interesting one, Architecture software for planning your remodeling project. Expensive but more complicated options exist, but this is a great app for communicating floor plan and room layout. The app allows for easy sharing, and is easy to learn. Homeowners are seeing this sort of tech on home improvement shows, it’s time to wow your customer with 3D designs made easy.

There you have some of the Top Residential Apps on the market! Each one addresses a certain pain point for residential contractors. I hope you check them out. Get reporting, get organized, get designing and get paid. Add your favorite apps and services to the comments section below!

This weeks guest blog post was provided by Erin Ostrom is VP of Corporate Development for Stock Syndicate a subscriber based website for traders and investors. She is also a writer and communications and PR consultant for public companies.A version of this article was originally published on zlien’s Construction Payment Blog. For information on mechanics lien law and construction industry credit practices, check out