When I was asked to present my “Concepts on Apps for Construction” at the 2014 AGC IT Forum in Chicago, I thought it was a great opportunity. However, as time got closer to the conference I began to get the jitters! I wondered what will a room full of actual IT Professionals think about my concepts for using apps and technology on construction projects. What a humbling experience to say the least! It has been awhile since I was nervous to speak in front of a crowd.

The following are the some of the highlights of what I observed at the conference.

Big Data update: Jim Vaselopulus (PSC Group)

– How to use big data: If you provide context you can achieve clarity?
– Focus on the human psychology: present data more clearly to be effective.
– Synchronize Velocity and Accuracy for greater business relevance: Timing is very important!

App-Alchemy Revolution: ConAppGuru

The App Alchemy revolution has begun! The ConAppGuru unveiled a new method to improve app workflows on mobile devices. App users can now use progress photos taken with the FotoIn Mobile and add them to drawings stored in a Smartuse app through a connection in the Egnyte cloud space!

App creation option

The ConAppGuru also debuted a new app creation platform. Have you tried several apps and not found the one that solves your workflow issue? Perhaps you have a particular need to solve for and want a custom solution. However, you may have a limited budget and do not want to commit to long term contacts. Take a look at the Quickbase platform by Intuit online drag and drop option is easy to use and can be deployed very easily.

To learn more about Quickbase take a look at: Intuit Quickbase.

SmartUse Demo: Josh Bone (SmartUse)

Josh Bone conducted several demos of the SmartUse platform on an AO table.

Kahua and Assemble:

Glenn Gnady (Kahua) & Nancy Brown (Assemble Systems) BIM model distribution through the internet.

Tech Update: James Benham

James Benham (JBKnowledge): Provided the audience with a demo of his “SmartReality” App. This is world’s first augmented reality for IOS and Android mobile devices.


Mr. Benham announced that the COSA organization will be taking over the stewardship of the AGC XML initiative.

To learn more about the new developments that James debuted check out his websites: (CLICK HERE)

For a full listing of the presenters and topics take a look at the following link: (CLICK HERE)

The 2014 edition of the AGC IT Forum Conference was a resounding success. The attendance was the largest ever at 305 attendees! The breakout sessions were the most innovative to date. The ConAppGuru looks forward to seeing how this event grows in the future!