One of my goals for 2017 is to get back into shape and improve my overall health. Over the past year couple of years I have traveled quite a lot, which posed a few  challenges to my attempts. I found it difficult to as a “Road Warrior” to work out in hotel gyms, go for walks, or any other forms of excercise. I looked at several programs last year, but gave up due to my travel schedule and lack of willpower.

After experiencing a few issues with my back I made the New Years Resolution to find a find a program, give it a shot and stick with it. I needed a program that was adjustable to my crazy schedule, did not require the use of a gym with equipment, and held me accountable in some way to keep motivated! I had looked that the DDP Yoga program in 2016 and tried to start it, but experienced a failure to launch. Towards the end of the year I looked at it again and decided that it was worth trying again.

The DDP Yoga program and apps were created by three time WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page. Before you laugh and blow it off, try and keep an open mind. I did my research to learn why DDP created the program, how it has helped regular guys like myself, and the amaizing help it has provided to others. The DDP Yoga Now app provides users with a personal guide and resource.

The app offers users several features:

1 – Tracks the users progress in the program, logs your stats, and builds points for prizes. I must admit that taking the before photos and measurements was quite an eye opening experience!

2 – Provides videos of the workouts so you can watch from a mobile device and follow along. Each Wednesday morning DDP goes live to provide a workout session with him virtually.

3 – Provides videos on nutrition, lessons on healthy cooking, and motivational messages.

4 – A copy of the DDPY Yoga Guide, the info about the program and photos of the poses.

Once I got started with the program and made some progress I shared it with the other members of the ConTechTrio. Both James and Josh have tried out the program and are now using it as their weekly program. The ConTechTrio recently featured the DDP Yoga Now app on Episode #52. Listen to our discussion about the app (CLICK HERE).

James Benham: CEO at JBKnowledge

“The DDP Yoga app is the perfect combination of accountability and portability to enable construction workers to travel with their gym and have something motivating them to do at least daily stretch and flex time, if not a solid workout. I love it.”

Josh Bone: BIM GURU at JBKnowledge

“The DDP yoga app is great!  All I need is my phone or tablet and minimal floor space for all the exercises. I also love that I can customize each exercise to fit my fitness level. It doesn’t hurt that I started seeing results in the first two weeks either.”

I started the DDP Yoga program at the beginning of the year. I have struck with it through busness travel, NFL playoff games and the daily curve balls from life. If you are looking for a new program and could use a little help try out this program.

If you are currently using the program please leave a comments about your experience with it!