Last week I was invited to participate in the latest Construction Tech Roadshow hosted by the AGC California. This Tech Roadshow was held at the ARC Document Solution Technology Center in Fremont California. Presentation were shown using two 84 inch PlanWell SmartScreen displays provided by ARC. The event attracted over 60 local construction professionals in the San Francisco Bay area. The idea behind a Construction Tech Roadshow is to expose construction professionals new and innovative apps and platforms to that can improve their project workflows. The event gathers several open mined construction professionals  and software developers in one place to talk about the process of continuous improvement! 



There were several great presentations from the event sponsors:

Rhumbix: A robust mobile platform that provides data driven insights to improve joist safety and labor productivity.
PlanGrid: A collaborative software platform that provides real time updates and seamless file sync.
Raken: A daily reporting software platform for mobile devices that creates more effective documentation.
Mapistry: A online mapping and SWPP tool for environmental compliance for project sites.
Fieldwire: A cloud based platform to store and access project plans and share information.
SafeSite: A safety management platform that manages tasks, inspections, and observations with automated reporting.
BuildingConnected: A cloud based bid management and file management platform.
Skysite: A cloud based platform to distribute project plans and documents.
There were three presentation about the state of technology in construction:
1. ConAppGuru: I provided the attendees with may take on the need for Apps & Mobile Devices, the differences between Point and Integrated Solutions, and scenarios to realize ROI. I reminded the audience that devices such as iPad have allowed field staff to take their office workflows into the filed for real time completion and data entry. There are five workflows that construction teams can move from paper based to digital workflows: plans, photos, safety, daily reports, and time entry.
2. Big Data (By Amazon Web Services)
Matthew Trescot ( Senior Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services) provided the audience with Amazon’s take on the Three V’s of Big Data: Volume, Velocity and Variability. Mr. Trescot explained the pros and cons of cloud computing for construction companies. He informed the audience that it was now possible to rent large amounts of space on cloud servers to run projects, export the data back to your company server, and move on to the next project. This is a cost effective option that does not require teh up front capital expense of buying a servers, paying an IT professional to install it, and worry about the ongoing daily maintenance.
3. VDC Planing (by Hensel Phelps)
Thai Nguyen ( Director of Virtual Design & Construction for Hensel Phelps) explained the VDC Planning process used by Hensel Phelps. The Hensel Phelps VDC plan involves six steps to develop a plan to implement people, process and technology.
The next Construction Tech Roadshow will be hosted by the AGC Georgia on August 20 in Atlanta GA.