Last week the AGC Georgia Technology Committee presented their quarterly Construction Technology Forum (Tech Forum) events for members. This Tech Forum event was hosted at the Atlanta Tech Village (ATV) in the Buckhead area. This event showcased a few local start up apps to the AGC Georgia members in attendance and those viewing online.

Yes indeed online! This event was broadcast by Michael Zuchhi and the ZBRELLA team through a U-Stream connection for members that are out of town or even out of state! This Tech Forum event also utilized the power of the Twitter hashtag #AGCGATechForum to discuss the apps presented in cyberspace! Try a search for the #AGCGATechForum hashtag and see what you find.

The event had several great sponsors including: Egnyte, Fieldwire, FotoIn Mobile, J.M. Wilkerson Construction, Protraker, Pointivo, S&L Integrated, SmartUse, Tote, and Verizon Wireless. The lunch sponsor was  ARC Document Solutions who unveiled their new cloud based SkySite App. This innovative new platform offers users several great features such as three user permission levels and access to a private cloud. The read more about my thoughts on SkySite click here.

The following Atlanta based Apps made presentations:

  • We Get Around – Dan Smigrod presented his amazing 360 degree virtual walk around tours for projects hosted online. Dan uses the Matterport platform to provide his clients with amazing online experience.
  • Thing Tech – Tim Quinn presented their platform that incorporates GPS and real-time telematics help you remotely supervise a site. Tim explain the benefits of mobile access from any device. The first, a single integrated container for connected devices and things. The second, integration of customers, partners and communities.
  • Tote – Joe Norton presented the IOS App based courier service specializing in larger deliveries to job sites, etc. Joe told the crowd to think of Tote as your friend with a truck or Uber for your stuff! Tote connects you with delivery people around Atlanta.
  • Pointivo – Dan Ciprari presented his innovative app that allows users to create dimensionally accurate 3D models using measurements generated from a smartphone video. He showed a few videos a taken around town that his team has extracted point cloud data from.

I received a few comments about the event:

“We enjoyed presenting with an impressive group of companies, and were excited to share our technology with leaders in the construction tech space.  We have already been contacted by several interested groups as a result of conference.”

Dan Ciprari, CEO Pointivo

“A year from now, AGC Atlanta chapter members will remember this Tech Forum at Atlanta Tech Village as a seminal moment in their integration of three-dimensional virtual content creation and viewing for their commercial construction projects. So thankful for the opportunity to present our Matterport 3D interactive video ‘WalkAround’ tour solution to 200+ AGC members from chapters across the U.S.” 

Dan Smigrod, CEO – We Get Around

Next week I will cover the other great Apps and  Concepts will be presented:

  • Laser Scanners
  • Oculus Rift
  • App Alchemy
  • Big Data (Big Brother!)

To see video links from the AGC Georgia Tech Forum on U-stream video link click here .