Last year I started a series of posts about new safety apps for construction projects. Many Safety professionals have mentioned to me that is is difficult to keep up with the constant release of new apps available. It seems like every week there a new platform is released to help improve safety workflows for construction projects. Here are a few updates on safety apps that can help you better document your safety efforts on construction projects.

CCS Safety:

The CCS Safety app offer companies a new mobile app that is connected to a web based hub to store and analyze safety documentation. The platform is built on the premise of “Team Learning” where incidents are documented. The platform also has a built in hospital locator function to use during an emergency. The app offers over 200 inspection template forms for users. Users can document safety inspections, training and other items.


iAuditor (from SafetyCulture) is a web based platform that allows users to create, distribute and edit forms to your team. After completing the inspections and reports these items can be converted to a PDF and emailed to the office. The website version offers a syncing function ( a paid monthly fee) for office staff to review all field team members completed reports in one spot. The app features a useful dashboard of the users recent activities. iAuditor is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

EHS Audit (Nimonik):

The EHS Audit Apps ( by Nimonik) is a tool for team audits, allowing everyone to synchronize, share reports and compare results in PDF, Word and Excel. Users can import their existing company environmental, health, safety and quality checklists into the platform. Users can also download more than 1,000 free inspection forms, safety and environmental legal compliance audit protocols.

Safety Meeting App:

The Safety Meeting app allows to document and track OSHA required safety meetings, accidents, incidents, near-misses, employee attendance, and more. The platform offers over 950+ Pre-Written Safety Toolbox Topics andPrint PDF Meeting/Incident/Near-Miss Reports. App users can document Incidents, Accidents, and Near-Miss events on a smartphone. Field Supervisors can use the camera feature on a Smartphone to document proof of attendance at training sessions.


SafetyMojo is a web based platform with an and available on both iOS and Android devices. This form generator app lets you create and distribute forms to your team. After completing the inspections and reports these items can be synced to their central database. The website version offers a central location for safety staff to review all field team members completed reports in one spot. One very unique feature of the app is the ability to translate your forms to be multi-language!  Additionally our forms dynamically can be switched between english and the secondary language on the fly, in the middle of a meeting.

Safety-Reports: Safety is web-based system is supported by Android and Apple Apps and works with smartphones and tablets. It has an offline mode for completing inspections where cellular or Wi-Fi connections are unavailable.  Safety observations are automatically uploaded to a database and accessible for trending and analysis! Ensure “open” items are closed out using our electronic Corrective Action Tracking System!  The apps generates professional looking reports in Word or PDF in minutes.  The standard checklists reference applicable regulatory standards and includes a web-link to the standard (i.e. OSHA, DOT, etc.).


The SafeSite platform is web based and works on mobile devices. SafeSite app users can complete basic safety workflows such as safety inspections,  safety observations, or log a project hazard such as a missing guardrail at a elevator shaft. A few advanced features include logging a safety observation ( such as employee not wearing the proper PPE), entering maintenance information for equipment (ex. a broken ladder), or filing out a incident reporting: record worker labour statistics for Lost Time Injury Reporting. This unique platform also has customizable Inspection Templates and offer SMS, Email and In-App Real Time Notifications.


StriveZero is a web based safety platform that brings the entire project team  together to collaborate in creating the best risk assessments so supervisors and workers can best prevent incidents. Their five-step process helps everyone from site superintendents to experienced safety leaders conduct a thorough analysis of the task to be performed. The online analysis application looks back at a companies exposure from past analyses, previous inspections, and recent organization-wide incidents, along with the task conditions, equipment, tools, and materials to automatically flag and float noteworthy hazards and controls to the top of the lists. One unique element about the StriveZero platform is that is connected to the actual OSHA regulations through a database along with your organization’s best practices to help you add hazards and controls quickly and easily.


SafeWork Pro allows users to manage their risk assessments and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) online without the hassle of paperwork. The SafeWorkPro app is a tool that workers can use anywhere, at anytime, including on the worksite. The app allows users to complete risk assessment with their smartphones or tablet devices, and are given suggestions for job steps and general hazards. Administrators can track Who is (and is not) filling out their risk assessments, When the risk assessments are being completed, and Who is working on the highest risk activity right now.

Other Apps which can manage Safety…


FieldLens is a web based platform for communicating issues to team members on construction projects. Project team members use the mobile app to document safety issues and share them with team members by posting to the project feed. Issues can be assigned to individuals for accountability and tracking purposes. This is a two way process between the General Contractor and the Trade Contractors. This is one unique feature of FL, most platforms are inherently designed to be run in the top down format. The beauty of the FieldLens platform is that it allows users on both ends of the spectrum to document items and assign responsibility for correction.


FotoIn allows users to create template forms to standardize the photo documentation capture process or create photo reports in the field. Company administrators can set up safety templates, add questions and pick from a selection of answer types and capture photos and comments for each question or section of the template, even add your own logo. All captured data is synced to the central Database & associated with their appropriate question and template section. GPS coordinates, date & time stamp, device, user and project/property name are captured automatically.


The NoteVault App allows users to generate a daily site safety reports through a verbal means. Would you like to do this process through voice recognition? How about receiving a phone call if key events are documented? This unique app also offers transcription services for clients and works on IOS and Android devices. Users can also add project photos to the reports from a mobile devices.


The Raken app allows users document site activities easily each day on a mobile device. Users enter project data such as deliveries, manpower, and weather. After completing the reports these items are synced to the Raken server and can be converted to a PDF and emailed to the office. Project Managers back at the home office can access the reports through a web portal and look at all the reports and run metrics on the data. Raken works online, with IOS devices and Android devices. Learn more by watching this short video (CLICK HERE)


Have you tried a few standard safety apps and found them not able to mesh with your company workflows? Have you explored the process of building your own custom app through a developer? What if you could create your own app through a drag and drop process online? What if you could deploy these apps to your team online? If this sounds interesting to you, then take a look at Quickbase. This online platform is web based and works on mobile devices. A Master Account holder can create and share safety forms to other team members. The connected team members can complete safety workflows such as safety inspections,  safety observations, or log a project hazard into the system.


This daily report app allows users to detail a sites activities for the day and distribute a report to your team. One unique part of the Raken platform is the “The Daily Survey” feature which allows uses to add details items such as: Were there any accidents today? Were there any safety violations today? Were there any inspections today? The Daily Survey is a customizable that project admins can adjust to specific project needs. App users can also log into the website for viewing completed reports and a news feed about recent activity. You quickly retrieve information from any active or inactive project through search/newsfeed/filters.