Last June I wrote about a web based app in development for calculating the angle of slope for an excavation. The Slope Calculator Tool was created to assist construction professionals with the design of excavation and trenching operations. Whether is be a 10 feet deep 3 feet wide trench for pipe installation or a large excavation for a building basement the OSHA requirements are very clear on the safety guidelines required for a safe work area.

The challenge for many Construction Site Superintendents is how to design and create a safe work area below grade. The process of calculating the angle of slope is a little more complicated that most want to admit. The process for determining the slope required for a safe work area under the OSHA guidelines is not really that straight forward. Once you have gone through your manual and visual checks, how do you calculate the actual angle of slope required? How do you visualize what that work area and slop will look like?

Some companies have made the transition from paper based pre-planning and inspection documentation to digital pre-planning. They are using tablets and apps to document their safety efforts. It is easy enough to create a electronic checklist to document a safety inspection. BUT how can you prove that you have pre-planned an excavation in a safe manner. Do these companies have a sketch or a BIM model of their plans?

If you have not figured out how to pre-plan excavations and document safety inspections then check out the online excavation planning tools from on you tablet today.

This free online safety platform and app allows users to enter the dimensions of a proposed excavation or trench and the app will calculate the slope dentils and show you a diagram of how the excavation should look she completed. The online app will even let you email a PDF snapshot of the completed diagram to your sell or a client.

Here’s a link to a video that explains why an app like this is necessary on construction projects…

To learn more about the new TrenchSafety 1.0 app for designing and visualizing excavations take a look at…

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