It can be a challenge to search for and learn about new apps, software and hardware focused on the construction industry. One of my goals for 2017 is to share more information about new apps and platforms that I am using or think are relevant to the construction industry. This week I have selected five apps and software for Construction that can benefit you and your construction business that you may not have heard of before.

This year I have set a few personal goals for myself. Two of my main goals are to become more physically and mentally fit. I have look for a program that I can “Buy Into” and stick with to improve my self. The following are a few apps that I have been testing out over the past few months and weeks. Sometimes I have induced self inflected wounds that led to “Failure to Launch” and in other other cases I have started a program and stuck with it. If you are interested in improving yourself in 2017 try a couple of these apps!

DDP Yoga Now!

The DDP Yoga program was created by 3 time WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page. Before you smirk and get a little skeptical, as a few people I have talked with do, try and keep an open mind. Do a little research and learn why DDP created the program, it was in recovering from a wrestling injury. I tried the program last year but gave up due to my travel schedule and lack of willpower. After experiencing a few issues myself I made the New Years Resolution to try again.

The DDP Yoga Now app does several things. It tracks my progress in the program (taking the before photos and measurements was quite an eye opening experience), provides videos of the workouts ( every Wednesday morning DDP goes live to provide a workout session with him virtually), provides videos on nutrition (lessons on healthy cooking), and a copy of the DDPY Yoga Guide ( info and photos on the workouts). I started date program on January 3rd this year. I have struck with it through travel, NFL playoff games and the daily curve balls from life. If you are looking for  a new program and could use a little help try out this program.


Do you have trouble calming your mind and focusing on the task at hand? How do you manage your poise during the craziness going on around you each day? Many of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs utilize some form of daily mediation to get their day started off on the right foot. Have you ever thought about using an app to focus your mind?

The Headspace app  offers users a new way to mediate daily to get focused for the day. Users can try out this app guided meditation experince for 10 free sessions ( to be completed over ten sequential days). The sessions are led by app founder Andy and focus on clearing your mind through a few exercises. I have tried the app out now for a few days and must admit that clearing my busy mind is a rather large challenge. My new efforts are helming me to focus my mind each morning.


Many of us are guilty of talking, texting and other not so smart uses of our mobile devices while driving our vehicles. For construction companies this can be a very expensive and risk to manage and cover. It is quite a challenge to prevent employees from using mobile devices while working.

The Lifesaver app disables a users smart phone when a car is moving. If a driver cannot access their smartphone then they have less temptation to use it and possibly get in a accident. The app works by descaling the device screen so that they cannot access the controls. However, the user can still use the device in a emergency through voice controls.


Many Construction professionals take a lot of notes about the project they work on. The majority of field staff still prefer to write notes on paper notebooks. These notes are trapped in the “Carbon Locker”. They are inaccessible to other team members and cannot be analyzed as data. Do you wish that you could save or share these notes into a cloud platform? What is there was a way to still document the things that you observe or need to do, but could also back them up and share them through a cloud based platform?

The Rocketbook app works with the Rocket Wave Smart Notebook to capture and digitize hand written notes, diagrams and sketches. The notebook pages have a gris pattern to make it easy to draw out lines or other shapes. At the bottom of the page users can select on elf seven different icons that can be associated with various cloud platforms such as Box, Google drive and more.

Tao of EI

Do you have trouble focusing at work and calming your mind to work on tasks? How do you manage your stress during the busy day that you have. Does your mind wander from thought to thought or have trouble focusing on completing a task?

The Tao of EI app from Brent Darnell is based upon his book “The Tao of Emotional ” Intelligence”. The app offers users a way to mediate daily in a new focused way. The app is designed to help users develop 16 different emotional competencies, by using saying from the I Ching (the Chinese book of sayings). I have started using the app during my lunch break to try and cam and recenter my mind.

Have you tried out any of these apps? If so please leave a comment below about your experience with the app.