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Christina Urban:  Growing Bricks as Strong as Concrete

Daniel Kosmala: Mac Security Tips

Todd Stolarski: Three Weeks to 3D: NU Students’ Prototype on Track

Growing Bricks as Strong as Concrete

The following article was originally posted by Christina Urban on the website.

If it was possible to grow building bricks for industrial, commercial, and general construction use, would you? That’s precisely what startup company bioMASON is aiming to achieve with their bacterial production process of growing bricks instead of making them the traditional way.

BioMason founder, Ginger Krieg Dosier, discovered the formula to growing bricks as a byproduct of her research into how coral reef was formed. After observing how coral produces a hard, cement-like material to attach itself to each other and spread out over the ocean floor, Dosier was inspired to try her hand at growing bricks instead of manufacturing them. Replicating the organic process of growth, Dosier says, increases sustainability and significantly reduces carbon emissions the construction industry is so notorious for.

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Mac Security Tips

The following article was originally posted by Daniel Kosmala on the website.

A couple weeks ago you may have heard about a malware threat that has surfaced for Macs. The type of threat, called ransomware, is a fast-growing type of malware that encrypts data on infected machines. Typically it will encrypt your own data into a locked file, and then ask you to pay a ransom in a hard-to-trace digital currency. In the past, PCs have been the primary target, but recently it became a reality for Apple users as well.

The good news is that many of you will not be affected as the ransomware, named KeRanger, was transmitted via an application called Transmission. Transmission is a popular program used to transfer data via the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network. A tainted version of Transmission included the ransomware threat.

There is no need to panic with this particular incident, because Apple and Transmission have since taken steps to prevent further spread of this file. However, ransomware is a growing threat and we wanted to take this opportunity to list what Foojee recommends to protect yourself from threats of this nature in the future. There are a number of solutions, however neither protect you 100%. We recommend a multi-layered approach to secure your environment, so please take a look below:

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Three Weeks to 3D: NU Students’ Prototype on Track

The following article was originally posted by Todd Stolarski on the website.

We are now less than three weeks away fromThe Realities of 3D Printing on March 30 and the BuiltWorldsNU team is sitting pretty. While its impending classroom presentation is yet to come before the show-and-tell in BuiltWorlds Studios, our favorite future mechanical engineers have aligned themselves successfully to debut their new concrete extruder creation.

When we checked in with our team this week, they played the “busy card,” like the college kid with no time even to call home to check-in with mom and dad. But our team wasn’t busy training for spring break by partying all night. They were honestly working on their project.

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