For 2017 I have set a few personal goals fro myself, mainly to get back into shape and improve my overall health. Last year I traveled more than I ever have, which posed a new challenge to keep my my focused. The more I traveled and presented around the country, the more my mind filled up with tasks to complete and questions to answer. I looked into a few meditation apps last year, but I gave up due to my lack of willpower and travel schedule.

After reflecting on my happiness, stress level and productivity I made the New Years Resolution to find a find a app to help me meditate and focus better, try it out and stick with it. I needed a program that was adjustable to my crazy schedule and held me accountable in some way to keep motivated! I had looked that the Headspace App and decided that it was worth trying again.

Do you have trouble focusing on the task at hand or blocking out random thoughts that float up constantly? How do you manage your stress during the craziness going on around you each day? Many of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs utilize some form of daily mediation to get their day started off on the right foot. Have you ever thought about trying mediation or using an app to focus your mind?

The Headspace app offers users a new way to mediate daily to get focused for the day. The sessions are led by app founder Andy Puddicombe and help to focus on clearing your mind through a guided meditation sessions. The app offers the free “Take 10” series for beginners. These are ten minute sessions that you work through over ten days. The idea behind the app is to provide both a guide and buddy system to help you cement and form a new habit.

I have tried the app out now for a few days and must admit that clearing my busy mind is a rather large challenge. My new efforts are helping me to focus my mind each morning. I must admit that I am still challenged to count to 10 ( even 5 some days) before a random thought distracts me. I am trying out the Headspace app mainly at the beginning of my day as part of my “Morning Primer”. A few times I have tried it out during the day. Stay tune for me information in the future!

Have you tried the Headspace or another mediation app? Has it helped you to focus? If so please leave a comment below.