Last month I expanded the Five Workflows for apps in construction to Ten. The sixth workflow I will look at involves project scheduling. The workflow of Scheduling is generally started in the office and sent out to the filed. The difficult part of maintaining a schedule is getting real time accurate updates from the field. Apps on mobile devices have created an opportunity to do this. It is now possible for a Project Manager to create a project schedule and share it with the Superintendent in the field.

Excel (Microsoft)

One of the first moves away from the traditional paper based methods of scheduling was to the Excel Program by Microsoft. The Excel Workbook was a big improvement for many construction companies. This program allowed a Project Manager or a Superintendent to plan out a crews work for the next week. Many companies still use Excel to generate a Four Week Lookahead.

Another major workflow improvement was the ability to now code time to different phase codes or pay scales. What is in one day an employees worked 10 hour? How could a time clock know that there were two hours of overtime and that four hours were for formwork, three hours were for safety, and that three hours were for clean up? The Excel program allows construction field staff to accurate document employee hours and share back with the home office.


The management of project crews can be a frustrating task for many construction professionals. It seems like no matter how well you plan, things will go off course in the field. What if you send a crew of seven to a project on Monday only to find out that the project has been delayed and is not ready for them? What do you do with those severn employees at 7:30 am? Construction companies need a way to manage the work location for all employees in real time.

The LaborChart platform is a web based and works on any computer or mobile device. It shows users where all of their crews are working in a dashboard display. Each employee is color coded to clearly identify items such as their skill level, pay rate and their training certifications. The account administrator can assign tags to all projects and quickly reassign employees by a simple drag and drop on the dash board. Updates to assignments can be sent through SMS Text Messages or Emails.

Smart PM (Construx Solutions)

The process of updating a project schedule with real time data from the field has always been a daunting task. Many companies struggle for a way to better document the updates and changes to the project schedule. Construx Solutions has developed a innovative new data management platform for construction projects called SmartPM.

The Smart PM platform is web based and allows users to input critical project information into the system in real time. SmartPM connects the field and the office by using cloud and mobile technology that works on multiple devices. The project users will receive up to date data on the progress and performance of construction projects at the click of a button. This allows users to know where the project stands at all times and see any critical delays to date. Project Managers will immediately be able to assess resultant cost overruns based on the data that SmartPM software provides.