The current app series I am working on focuses on The Five Workflows for Apps in Construction that construction professionals can use. This week I will discuss a few Daily Report apps for mobile devices. Do you remember in the old days (I.E. 2013) when construction Superintendents had to document project work, delays and conditions with written forms and notebooks?

One of the most important workflows a project Superintendents completes everyday is a solid Daily Report. The question every company must ask to determine which Daily Report app is best for them is a simple one: What is the goal of documenting project activities? Some apps are great at labor stats, some are great at adding voice notes, and a few are great at adding daily photos. What is the workflow you are trying to improve?

Here are a few great apps to try out for documenting site activities with your mobile device…


This Fieldlens app allows users to communicate with other project team members in real time. This can be accomplished by taking and sharing photos, videos and notes to document observations on the project. The new FieldLens daily reports allows users to log notes their smartphone or tablet, take photos and videos, mark up drawings and capture manpower as they walk a project. FieldLens will automatically turn the day’s field captures into a report, ensuring that all recorded items are noted as they happen, rather than having to recall information when it’s time to construct the daily report. At the end of the day, a professional, giving project administrators one comprehensive project report to review.


Do you need a way to generate a daily site or safety reports through a digital means? Would you like to do this process through voice recognition? How about receiving a phone call if key events are documented? This unique app also offers transcription services for clients and works on IOS and Android devices. Users can also add project photos to the reports from a mobile devices.


Procore offers users a Daily Log feature that is much more than just field notes. The Procore platform (web and mobile app) offers users a more powerful software solution for teams that need to keep track of every detail on a construction job site, each and every day of the job. The Procore app for Android and IOS offers users features such as automatically track weather conditions, labor productivity tracking, customizable forms and archiving of data to access at any future time


The Raken app allows users document site activities easily each day on a mobile device. Users enter project data such as deliveries, manpower, and weather. After completing the reports these items are synced to the Raken server and can be converted to a PDF and emailed to the office. Project Managers back at the home office can access the reports through a web portal and look at all the reports and run metrics on the data. Raken works online, with IOS devices and Android devices. Learn more by watching this short video (CLICK HERE)

Other great apps that can act as a Daily Report for project activities…


The Evernote platform and app are a great free resource to document the project activities and meetings. I have my account logged into six devices so I can access my notes and information anywhere, any time! For example, a when I walk a project site I can create a new note. I can add details of the walk, add photos and voice notes. I can then share this note with another team member through Evernote. If the other team member has the upgraded version they can add to the note and send it back to me.


FotoIn allows users to create template forms to standardize the photo documentation capture process or create photo reports in the field. Company administrators can set up your unique templates, add questions and pick from a selection of answer types and capture photos and comments for each question or section of the template, even add your own logo. All captured data is synced to the central Database & associated with their appropriate question and template section. GPS coordinates, date & time stamp, device, user and project/property name are captured automatically.