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This week check out these blog posts from Todd Dawalt, Stephanie Zucchi, and Carl Storms…

#28: Dan Conery from Newforma (By Todd Dawalt)

“Welcome to The Construction Leading Edge Podcast, where my job is to help you grow your leadership skills, grow your construction business and grow your income.

In this episode I interview Dan Conery, VP of Business Development with Newforma, a company that develops software for the construction industry.

We talk about advice for millennials, how contractors should approach innovation, why Dan is jealous of the people he sells software to, and some great sales and business development advice.

If you need help keeping a scattered project team working together, click here to download a free resource guide from Newforma or go to https://www.newforma.com/constructionleadingedge“.

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Want to Use Drones on My Construction Site. Where do I Start? (By Stephanie Zucchi)

You’ve probably heard the word drone buzzing around the construction industry. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, have amazing benefits, and can be implemented into the construction process in so many ways (land surveying, jobsite surveillance, etc.). One of the problems with drones, however, is getting started with the implementation process.

So you want to use drones for your construction company, but don’t know how? We’ll take you through the process and tell you everything you need to know.

I Want to Start Using Drones for my Construction Company. Where Do I Even Start?

First and foremost, you need to educate yourself. The easiest way to get familiar with using drones is to become familiar with the regulations in place for both commercial and private use. (We have an extensive educational resource page here for free use.) Another important educational aspect you will need to take into account is insurance. Whether you are looking to fly at home or use drones on the job, insurance will be an important factor. If you crash your drone without it, it can mean big trouble.

After that, a great thing to do is to go out and get your hands on a drone. You can buy a relatively inexpensive one, and once you have it, find a large open space to fly it (a space that is, of course, legal). You can also talk to a group of hobbyists to get information about drones, or you can simply get help flying them. Ask them questions: what type of data can they collect from drones? Are they easy to operate? etc.

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Where Are Revit 2016 Subscription Add Ins? (By Carl Storms)

So like many of you out there in Internet land I’ve been looking for, and waiting for some of the 2016 versions of the Revit Subscription Add-ins I’ve come accustom to getting every year when the new version comes out.

Well it seems this year Autodesk has made some changes to how (and when) these will be released. A couple are up on exchange apps site now for download (not they don’t’say 2016 but they are)

Here are some more 2016 apps now available on the exchange app, not needing a subscription to get.

Some of the subscription apps are now part of the Revit Extensions Package for 2016, this was deliver directly via the Application Manager.

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