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The following article was originally posted by Daniel Kosmala on the www.foojee.com website.

When it comes to Digital Storage in the workplace, there are a number of viable options. Some of you might be asking why digital storage is necessary when you can have a local copy of your documents on your device or you can save files to a centralized server. Those are both great to have, but what if your hard drive fails or worse, what if the server in your office dies and all of your stored data is lost? All of that precious client data and countless hours of work could be gone in the blink of an eye.

One of your options is to have the documents you regularly need and use stored in the cloud. Over the coming weeks we’ll be exploring, in-depth, the cloud storage solutions currently available to you. We have tested and tried these services and found what we like best, but we will objectively give you the information you need to make the best decision for your needs.

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#026L Cesar Abeid: from The Construction Industry Podcast.

The following article was originally posted by Todd Dawalt on the www.constructionleadingedge.com website.

How you Interview with Cesar Abeid

Welcome to Episode 26 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast.  My name is Todd Dawalt and my job is to provide the tools and resources you need to grow you leadership skills, grow your construction business and grow your income.

Today’s episode is an interview with Cesar Abeid, the host of The Construction Industry Podcast andThe Project Management For The Masses Podcast

He is also the author of an upcoming book, Project Management For You.

You can find connect with Cesar at www.cesarabeid.com and learn more about all the great work he is doing for construction and project management pros.

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CPA’s, This is Why Advising Your Clients about Technology Matters

The following article was originally posted by Stephanie Zucchi on the www.zbrella.com website.

Here are the facts: the market for Accounting has become increasingly, and excruciatingly competitive. Most CPA’s are faced with the problem of gaining business within this cut throat market all while trying to differentiate their craft. Many accountants, however, are missing out on advising their clients about one of the most important aspects of their business: technology.

But why does technology really matter? And why will your clients thank you for advising them about it? Let’s take a look.

Why does technology matter?

Every business now runs on technology. We rely on it for accurate and efficient reporting. That information is the foundation of financial reports because it records day-to-day business information. We can no longer look at monthly reports. We need minute by minute data. In order to get a competitive advantage or even stay competitive, we are relying on technology more. We need to be able to forecast better than ever.

Thousands of business processes rely on having a stable technological infrastructure to run the business. But, having that is not good enough. A business always needs to be on the lookout for what new technologies can improve a process, lower costs, or deliver a game changing competitive advantage. Your clients need to be advised about it.

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