The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction May 8, 2105

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The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction May 8, 2105

Every week the Construction App Guru will post links to interesting blogs that are relevant to the construction industry for technology, leadership or training topics from other Thought Leaders.

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What’s New in Revit 2016 – Hidden Gem #1 – New Door Content (by The BIMSider Carl Storms)

The latest version of Revit, 2016 is now out in the world and has been for a few weeks. I have come to learn about 2 little hidden gems of “New” features in Revit 2016. Now for whatever reason these hidden gems have been left off the official Autodesk information for what is new with the 2016 release. In this post I’m going to talk about one I think many Architects and Designer will love – New Door Content.

The out of the box door content for the US Imperial, US Metric, and Canada Libraries have been added to from what was available in Revit 2015 and before. In 2015 there was 32 families in the Door folder, now in 2016 in the above mentioned libraries there are now 92 families. You will also notice that now there are 3 subfolders within the Door folder, Commercial, Hardware, and Residential.

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Things I Learned at the Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference (By Brent Darnell)

Yesterday I was on a panel discussion at the ENR Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference in New York.  It was a great experience for me.  A couple of things that really stuck out:

1.  This was the first time EVER that I was in the minority.  And I mean THE MINORITY!  There were probably five men there out of 300 attendees.  It was a very different feeling.  I never felt out-of-place really, but I did feel outnumbered.  It was a little intimidating.  I finally felt what it must be like for women and minorities at a normal construction conference filled with mostly middle-aged, white men.

2.  I experienced bathroom discrimination for the first time.  I say that with tongue planted firmly in my cheek.  How many times do we men sail in and out of the bathroom at intermission or the seventh inning stress while the line at the women’s bathroom snakes around the corner for miles? There were so many women and so few men that they actually put a sign over the men’s restroom that said “WOMEN ONLY”.

3.  Women interact differently than men, at least in construction and engineering.  Men will gather and greet with a cool confidence.  The interactions are low-key and low energy and the topic of conversation is mostly about business.  When a large group of women interact, the energy is amazing!

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#023: How Torrey Hawkins has nearly doubled Angler Construction in the last year

How Torrey Hawkins has nearly doubled Angler Construction in the last year (By Todd Dawalt)

Welcome to Episode 23 of the Construction Leading Edge podcast.  My name is Todd Dawalt and my goal is to provide the tools and resources to grow your leadership skills, grow your business and grow your income.

Free online training for contractors: How to get out of cash crunch mode and upgrade your profit margins. 5 simple strategies I used to get out of the vise-like grip of poor cash flow, while doubling a construction business in a few years.

This episode is an interview with Torrey Hawkins, founder and president of Angler Construction Company in Houston, TX and we talk about the following:

    • How he has nearly doubled the business in the past year, despite the fact that low oil prices have impacted the Houston region.

To read the full original article or listen to the podcast (CLICK HERE)

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