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Todd Dawalt: Strategic Leadership

Daniel Kosmala: OS X El Capitan

Carol Hagen: Scanning with Phone

Christina Urban: Insurance for Drones

Jarrod Glasgow: New Apple TV


#037: Strategic Thinking With Will Hodges, President of Cadence McShane Construction

The following article was originally posted by Todd Dawalt on the website.

Will Hodges is President of Cadence McShane Construction Company, a general contractor in Dallas, Houston and Austin Texas with around 135 employees and an annual revenue of about $260 million.

During this interview we talk about how he made the transition from project management and operations into executive leadership, the importance of company culture, workforce development and how to be strategic with your business and your career.
A lot of people run their business like a project. What are the problems with this approach?

[Will Hodges] A big construction project is linear, one dimensional, has a set of plans and specs, etc. You’re going to build the project over 18, 24 or 30 months, get a certificate of occupancy and move on to the next project.

People have come up through the ranks with that perspective as field engineer, project manager, senior PM, VP, etc.

Businesses are multi-faceted with a lot things to consider; techonology, banks, HR, surety, etc. It is must more strategic and not as linear as running a project. If you run your business like a project, you get out of a strategic mindset and get into a tactical mindset, and you can get lost in the weeds.

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OS X El Capitan: What You Need To Know

The following article was originally posted by Daniel Kosmala on the website.

Last week, Apple launched their newest version of OS X as an update to last year’s Yosemite. If you do any kind of work on your Mac, then you have plenty of reasons to be excited about this software launch.


Perhaps one of the more exciting features to come with El Capitan, split view is quickly proving itself to be a productivity guru’s dream. Split view automatically fills your entire screen with the two apps of your choosing. This allows you to be working on a spreadsheet filling up the left side of your screen while researching what you need to know in Safari on the right side. Because the apps take up the entire screen, it minimizes the distractions waiting to steal you away from the important tasks at hand.


While not used by many, we believe that may continue to change. By swiping up with three fingers on your trackpad, you find yourself looking at mission control. Regardless of how many windows open on your desktop, mission control allows you to see them all at once in single layer so nothing is hidden. If you find yourself needing more space, you can grab any window, drag it to the top of the screen and plop it into a new desktop.

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Thinking About Using Drones in Construction?AIG Now Offers Insurance For Your Drone

The following article was originally posted by Christopher Clark on the website.

Scared of crashing that shiny new drone into the wrong place? Well fear not, the days of dreading the demise of your drone are over, because insurance company AIG just added “drone” to the list of things it’s willing to insure.

Everything the company is willing to cover is listed under several AIG policies that detail the ins and oust of drone insurance. And it’s pretty much customizable to the way you want, too. According to the company, industry specific coverages can be tailored to the unique needs of individual drone pilots.

Some of what AIG is willing to cover are aircraft operators, including non-pilot and on-ground crew. And if your drone decides to take an unplanned nose-dive and hits something (or someone), AIG offers third party liability. Physical damage to the aircraft itself, including any installed or carried equipment and hardware, are also things AIG is willing to cover.

The company also does not exclude loss arising from electronic malfunctions and failure of electronic components, accessories, and power equipment, which is actually standard for manned aircraft policies and a sign that drone insurance is serious business.

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Document Scanning via Your Cell Phone?

The following article was originally posted by Carol Hagen on the website.

Some of us have tried to take a picture of a document with our cell phone but the results vary widely.   Why?  Because you are using a cell phone camera that is missing instructions on how to make the photo into a document!

Here’s a hot solution called Norfello’s Docscanner™.   It’s a snap with DocScanner™ in 4 easy steps:

  1. Take a photo of the document with the application.
  2. Check the edges or have it automatically determine the edges of the document and prompts for the result(provided that your background is darker than the paper).  You’ll need to decide on the quality and size of the document.
  3. DocScanner™ will then automatically correct the keystones. No need for manual rotating, cropping or scaling.
  4. The document is now ready for sending via e-mail as a PDF-file or you can save it to the photo album.

There are other options for selecting colormode (color/grayscale),  brightness, contrast, and even a multi-page setting.

Docscanner™ works on the Apple iPhone and will make collecting expense receipts and other documents a breeze.  Here are a few images available on the DocScanner™ website that show you what it looks like when using the iPhone.  Best of all this iPhone app  costs just $9.99.

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Put That New Apple TV to Work

The following article was originally posted by Jarrod Glasgow on the website.

Since it was a rainy mess we spent most of our weekend in front of the tv watching some of our favorite Halloween movies. This was pretty good timing since the new AppleTV arrived on Friday. There are a lot of cool new features that are available, here’s a good overview. The new Siri functionality is great and very intuitive. For me the most exciting thing is the App Store and the ability to build apps for the new AppleTV. After a couple of days the ideas really started to flow and I am excited about the possibilities.


Here are few ideas for some useful apps for construction:

Plans: This is an obvious one. There’s something that just feels right about seeing plans rolled out on a big plan table. Sure it’s convenient to have them on your iPad also but imagine being about to review the plans on a 50’+ HD TV. This is really exciting to me.

Jobsite Status: What if you could easily tie into your time tracking system and with a glance see everyone who is on the jobsite, what they are currently working on and what’s on the docket for the day. Communication and collaboration is so crucial on the jobsite and anything that you can do to bring more transparency to what is happening the better off everyone will be.

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