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#004 Show notes: From startup to raising capital to going public with SG Blocks President Steve Armstrong

The following article was originally posted by Todd Dawalt on the website.

In this episode I interview Steve Armstrong, President and COO of SG Blocks Inc., a company that uses repurposed shipping containers to provide the building industry a safer, greener, faster, long lasting, and more economical alternative to conventional construction methods.

In This Episode Here’s What We’ll Cover

  • Some key tips construction entrepreneurs should put in place now if they are considering raising capital or taking their company public.
  • The incredible importance of developing and maintaining relationships in business.
  • Some common mistakes that construction business owner are making.
  • Steve’s advice to spend more time preparing for the business side of business, not just the technical side.
  • Tips young construction pros can use to become better leaders.

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iPad pro or No?

The following article was originally posted by Daniel Kosmala on the website.

A little less than two weeks ago, Apple held their annual September event. This is the time of year where they usually announce a new iPhone and then updates to various other products like MacBooks, iPads, and more. Going in to the event, there was plenty of speculation as to what was to be talked about, and we were not disappointed.

Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro as part of the line up of releases to come this fall. Slated for a November launch, the iPad Pro sports a display measuring 12.9 inches, which is the largest iPad display Apple has ever created. Slightly larger than the 12-inch MacBook (which launched in April) and barely smaller than the 13-inch MacBook Pro/Air, this new iPad seems as though it would be too much, but it weighs in at only 1.57 pounds which is about the same weight as the original iPad. Considering how large the Pro is, the weight is an incredible feat of engineering and design.

When you first see the iPad Pro in-person you’ll immediately notice it’s size. It appears that it might be fairly heavy when used in portrait mode, but that is not the case. It is possible to hold the device in one hand despite it’s larger size. Introduced on this new device are speakers on all four corners that are optimized based on the way you hold the device. Another great feature of the new iPad is that it boasts the highest resolution ever for an iOS device (2732×2048 – more pixels than a MacBook Pro with Retina Display). The screen is absolutely beautiful when viewing high-resolution photos and videos.

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Bluebeam Tip: Take a Photo and Mark It Up

The following article was originally posted by Carol Hagen on the website.

Today I had a student from one of my Bluebeam Revu classes ask me “Is there a function where I can take a picture and immediately mark it up. For example, we are proposing to renovate a space. I need to take several pictures and indicate the problems and the proposed renovations.” Here are my answers.

As Bluebeamers know, there’s always more than one way to work with images and photos in Revu.
The fastest way is File | Create and choose From Camera then follow the prompts. This might be difficult if you are using a laptop with only a forward facing camera.

Another option is found on the Markup tab. Place the image on a PDF. Markup | Image (shortcut is “I”),(then flatten it so it doesn’t move and then apply your markups.

Alternatively if you have a PDF document open (blank or otherwise), click anywhere on the PDF, then select Markup | Camera (or the shortcut is CTL+ALT+I) and take the picture. It will be placed on the PDF wherever you had clicked (the click position is the lower left corner of the photo).

You can also open a jpeg with Bluebeam (in explorer, right click on the image and choose “Open with”) and immediately start marking it up.

For those of you who have multiple photos stored on your hard drive, you may also want to refer to a previous Bluebeam Tip: How to combine photos onto one PDF

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Wearable Volvo Wants To Replace Garbage Collectors with Robots

The following article was originally posted by Christina Urban on the website.

What does Chalmers University of Technology, Malardalen University of Sweden, United States’ Penn StateUniversity and waste recycling company Renova all have in common with the car company Volvo? A big, steaming pile of garbage. No, I mean it. The three universities and Renova have teamed up with the premium car brand to create Project ROAR.

And if you’re unsure as to whether or not that was supposed to be some obscure reference to Disney’s Monster’s University (because if it was, it would have been great), it wasn’t. The project, an acronym for Robot-Based Autonomous Refuse Handling (hence, ROAR), aims to put robots in the role of garbage collectors at some undisclosed date and time. And yes, Europe refers to garbage as “refuse.”

In Volvo’s press release last month, little (and I mean little) information was divulged on Project ROAR, but they did promise robot garbage workers, so hey, it’s good enough for me. Basically, Volvo wants to introduce a robot that, with the help of instructions from the truck’s operating system, will have the ability to autonomously collect the garbage bins, bring them to garbage trucks, and dispose of their contents the same way a real sanitation worker would.

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