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This week check out these posts from Lucas Acosta, Brent Darnell, Carol Hagen, and Stephanie Zucchi


The following article was originally posted by Lucas Acosta on the website.

There’s much ado about online privacy these days, thanks to organizations ranging from the NSA and Google all the way to Apple. What most people don’t know, however, is that your every day web activity is also being tracked by hundreds and thousands of services, all in the name of “market intelligence” and “improving your experience online”. What these services are actually doing is sharing your entire activity, including clicks, cursor movements, searches, and scrolling, to create a profile so other websites know your shopping and browsing habits the moment you step foot on their website. And during all of this tracking activity, they are also slowing down your web browser. Shouldn’t you be aware of who is tracking your activity, and then have the ability to opt out if you choose? The good news is, a free tool is available that can show you which trackers are being used on a site, and it can even automatically block them for you, resulting in a less intrusive and faster experience when using the web.

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The Emotional Side of Marketing (Part 4)

The following article was originally posted by Brent Darnell on the website.

I recently was engaged by a well-established, top 200 contractor. They were great builders, but when they hired a firm to get the pulse of owners in the area, the results were surprising to them. All owners admitted that they thought that this company built great buildings, communicated well, and were technically excellent. They also stated that this company wasn’t as good with relationships, were difficult to work with at times, were not as fun to work with as their competitors, and the owners rarely heard from them between projects. They now are strategically focusing on the human side of this equation and teaching their employees basic emotional intelligence and relationship principles.

A couple of the top managers from this company awaited the return of one of their executives from a meeting with a potential client. When they asked him how it went, he replied, “We Brent Darnell’d ‘em”. In other words, he used all of the principles we talked about and applied them to this client meeting. He made it all about them and did not tout schedule, price, or quality. It went very well. They tell me that now BD doesn’t stand for business development. It stands for Brent Darnell. They have found out two very important things:

  1. Every company comes to the table with schedule, price, and quality. It is not really a competitive advantage. It is the price of entry.
  2. When you compete on price alone, you become a commodity, but if you create a positive experience for that client and really pay attention to your customer service, they are much more likely to choose you, even if you are not the lowest bidder.

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Why is the mark Up text Sideways in Bluebeam?

The following article was originally posted by Carol Hagen on the website.

Today’s Bluebeam Tip is thanks to a North Carolina caller who’s company’s resident Revu expert was in the hospital. They needed an answer ASAP and asked, “Why are all my markups with text appearing sideways?” It didn’t matter what Markup she used: Typewriter, Text Box or Callout. They all turned sideways. I asked, “Have you turned the document?” She replied “Why, yes I did”.

How to Fix Markup Text that is sideways or upside down
Avoid using the Rotate View option. You can tell if someone has rotated the view by opening the Thumbnails Tab in the left panel. If you’ve rotated the view, the Page is not actually turned and appears in the Thumbnail in its original page orientation. Bluebeam places the markups according to the page’s orientation.

Instead use the Rotate Page option before placing markups. You can get to Rotate Pages in the Thumbnails Tab by right clicking on a single page (or CTRL-A for all pages). You can also get to it under Document | Pages | Rotate Page or use the shortcut CTRL-SHFT-R.

Rotate View is for display purposes, when you only need to temporarily look at the page in another orientation. To save everyone in the company time, rotate all your pages to the correct orientation and save the document. Then anyone else who views it won’t have to rotate the view or page again.

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Is Augmented Reality on Constructions Future?

Is Augmented Reality Constructions Future?

The following article was originally posted by Stephanie Zucchi on the website.

From drones to robots to real-time big data, we’ve seen how technology has affected the world of construction. But is the construction industry about to change once again? And does augmented reality have a place onsite and in the industry’s field? The answer is yes, and it’s going to be its future.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality, or AR, is a technology that overlays data via a computer generated image onto the real world that we see in front of us, in real-time. AR allows users to see anything from numbers to information to instructions right in their direct line of sight, offering not only a new view, but an entirely new perspective on the world. The technology allows the users to not only view the world, but become interactive with it. And because of these distinctions alone, it’s easy to see that augmented reality has huge potential for application in the construction industry.

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