Last week the Builtworlds team hosted their first ever CEO Tech Forum at the Chicago Athletic Association. The event featured the best and brightest in Construction Technologist, Software Developers, and AEC Professionals.

The event was kicked off by Stacy Scopano from Autodesk. Mr. Scopano delivered a keynote presentation focusing on the theme of disruption in construction technology. He discussed how much technology has impacted the construction industry. One topic he focused on was risk, specifically the difference between planned design intent and actual performance, and how new technology can help reduce the consequences of risk on projects. Mr. Scopano explained that technology is at the intersection of of productivity, physical capital and human capital.

There were several great panels on Thursday comprised of AEC Professionals, Construction Technologist and Software Developers.

A couple of the panel discussion included:

Four Disruptive Technologies that You Need to Know:

This interesting panel was  lead by facilitatorSean McGuire from MCAA and featured Brandon Montellato from SkyCatch, Brian Vowinkel from VR Studios, Amir Rubin from Paracosm and George White from PaviaSystems. Each panelist member spoke about how their platform was disrupting the way construction projects would work in the future.

Technology to Empower the Workforce:

This unique panel was facilated by moderator Zachary Scheel from Rhumbix and featured panel memers Peter Lasensky from NoteVault, Andy Jansen from Hard Hat Hub, Peter Grant from Safesite and Aaron Salow from XOEYE. This panel focused on how technology can empower the modern workforce to make better decision based upon having real time data.

 The Big Cloud, Local Data Threats and Technology Risk:

During the lunch session James Benham from JBKnowledge presented his thoughts about the current of security in the construction space. Mr. Benham reviewed the Notorious Nine items that can effect Information Technology Systems from the Cloud Security Alliance. These include data breach (intrusion), data loss (lack of back up), and account or service traffic hijacking. He then provided a few best practices for improving company information  technology programs. A few of the best practice highlights include: training your employees about potential risks, obtaining a cyber liability policy, and continuos local server backup.

Universal Translator: Software Solution Meet Interoperability:

Yours truly, the ConAppGuru, was honored to facilitate a panel discussion about the Interoperability of Software in the construction space with several members of the COSA organization. The panel was comprised of Dennis Stejskal from SAGE, Benny Baltrosky from eSub, and joining in remotely via Face Time on my iPad Pro was John Goeke from Stratusvue!

The Evolution of Technology and Future Predictions:

On Thursday night the attendees were treated to a special presentation by Peter Diamandis. Mr. Diamandis educated the attendees about the capacity of the human brain and the difference between evolution in humans versus machines. He pointed out that while technology evolves in very short cycles (12 to 36 months) the human brain has not seen an update in 50,000 years! Technology is changing how we think, interact and learn about the world. Today we must deal with technology as either a disruptive stress (something that can put you out of business) or disruptive opportunity (something that can improve your business).

#ConTechTrio Podcast Interviews:

The JBKnowledge #ConTechTrio conducted onsite podcast interviews with several presenters and attendees including:

  1. Doug Chamber (FieldLens)
  1. Cory Davis (Capital Construction Solutions)
  1. Matt Abeles (Builtworlds)
  1. Jeremy Foster (Notevault)
  1. Chase McCorter (Cedarmac)
  1. George White (Pavia Sytems)

To listen to the #ConTechTrio podcast Episode 1.13 (CLICK HERE).

The Builtworlds CEO Tech Forum was a great event that brought together people interested in how technology is disrupting the construction industry for the better. I am excited to see how this event grows and evolves in the future.

To learn more about CEO Tech Forum event and plans for next year (CLICK HERE).