Last week the ConTechTrio team had the honor and privilege of attending and presenting at Autodesk University. We have even more news items to report from the event. The exhibit hall was full of amazing technology to learn about and try out. The ConTechTrio was able to see and try out the latest versions on BIM360DOCS, Dewalt Hanger Works, Revizto, Solibri, and Snychro!

ConTechTrio Presentation

As a group the ConTechTrio (James Benham, Josh Bone, and Rob McKinney) presented our thoughts on “Managing Risk Through Technology”. Each member of the ConTechTrio highlighted a software or app that can reduce the risk levels on a project. We focused on how new digital workflows can find issues during the design phase, improve project collaboration, and better document site conditions. A few of the software platforms highlighted were BIMTrack (issue tracking  with Revit and Navisworks add-ins), Matterport (used for reality capture of building spaces), Revizto ( cloud based issue tracking), SmartBid ( for plan control during the bid phase ), Solibri (for rules based model checking), Synchro (for schedule visualization). A few of the apps highlighted were Notevault (voice recorded notes), Safesite (safety documentation) and SmartVid.IO (smart tagging photos and videos).

If you would like to listen to our presentation CLICK HERE.


During the day two keynote at Autodesk University the Autodesk team announced the following items:

Leica + Autodesk Integration


It was announced that the new Leica BLK300 scanner will work with the new ReCap Pro 360 app. In talking with Josh Bone he was excited about “The price point on the new BLK300 is $16,000 and weighs just over 2 lbs.! The BLK300 not only does reality capture through laser scanning, buy it has has the ability to do thermal imaging. This new device automatically registers the scans as you move between spaces on a project site. This integration allows users to scan a project with the BLK300 and export the scan data through the ReCap Pro app via an iPad. Field staff can views these results in real time on their iPad through the connection with the ReCap 360 Pro app. This field scan data can be transferred directly into Revit.”

To learn more about this integration (CLICK HERE).

HP Z2 Mini

The new Z2 is desk top micro workstation designed for CAD and BIM operators was unveiled during the at Autodesk University. The price point starts at $700 for the budget conscious design professionals. The Z2 was specifically designed to take up less space (it can be easily mounted under a work station), it is quite for close working conditions in cubicles, and designed to run cool from the airflow intake. The HP Z2 is certified to run industry leading software products such as AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, SOLIDWORKS, MicroStation, Solid Edge, etc.

To learn more about this device (CLICK HERE).

BIM360 updates

During the Wednesday morning keynote Sarah Hodges from the Autodesk team announces several new feature update to the BIM360 platform.

Android App

The first announcement was that a BIM360 app is coming to the Android platform in December of this year. This will allow more global users to access their project data on more devices.

Future Feature Releases


The next announcements were the following features would be coming to the BIM360 platform: RFI, Submittals, and Project IQ. These new features will upgrade the BIM360 platform from a electronic plan management tool to a project management tool. Autodesk is making a big push to digitize the construction job sites. The shift in focus to a Common Data Environment by Autodesk will allow Construction project teams to keep more data in one platform for access by all team members. In the future BIM360 users can accept more file types such as DWG, RVT, IFC and much more even extending outside the Autodesk family of tools. By creating a single storage point for project, team users can store more than just 2D files. Common Data Environments are the future of “Data Democratization“.

Additional Takeaways

According to Josh Bone, “Autodesk highlighted their new solution Autodesk LIVE which allows users to go from Revit directly into VR fully rendered in the cloud with two clicks. This allows users to view fully rendered models in real time throughout the design and construction phases. Autodesk went on to say that more of their solutions will be accessible through cloud platform, enabling them to accelerate the delivery of products. The next generation of Autodesk tools will be cloud native, which will streamline the  update process to perform more other cloud based solutions work today. This will save time and allow users to focus on workflows rather than updates. Through the cloud users will have a single experience of on demand access through an integrated experience”.

ConTechTrio special interview with Sarah Hodges

The ConTechTrio were able to talk with Sarah Hodges , Director Construction Business Line ,from Autodesk about the new feature releases for BIM360 platform. We had a great discussion and learned a few key insights from Ms. Hodges. To listen to the interview CLICK HERE.

Did you attend Autodesk University last week? What were your favorite news items or experiences? Please leave a comment below.