What kind of leader do you consider yourself to be? How did you learn the leadership style and tactics that you follow? Are you perhaps looking for way to improve your leadership abilities and those of the team around you? Many company leaders in the construction industry struggle with leadership. Some people are born leaders they just seem to have a knack for dealing with other people. Other people try to improve their people skills in order to get along well in the world. And unfortunately, here are those that just do not play well with others nor care to try and get better at it.

If you are looking for a exciting way to challenge yourself and work on some team building then take a look the InsideTrack WOW program. The ConTechTrio team recently observed a InsideTrack WOW event at Chateau Selah and Off The Grid just outside of Johnson City. The team led by Alan Bracken provides you with a adrenaline filled day of outdoors adventures that include a handgun challenged, AR challenge, Zip lines, Rides in a ATV and even a Helicopter experince that you will never forget!

The day begins with a breakfast meeting in which the participants are divided into two teams that will compete against each other during the day. Each team member will have the opportunity to participate in each event and experience a few unique things. This exercise is designed to test how well you can work with others, take or give directions, and listen to instructions. The event focus on three main points for the day:

1) First start with Your self improvement

2) Then next develop the positive influence of others around You

3) Equip Your team and Self with the right tools (Training, Technology, Etc.)

The idea behind the Extreme Leadership event is to 1) provide you with focused leadership training 2) take outside your normal comfort zone to test a few lists 3) do some really amazing things in the great outdoors!.

To see what I am talking about take a look at a few video clips that we shot while on site:
Helicopter Take Off (CLICK HERE)
Paintball Gun from Helicopter (CLICK HERE)

To learn more about the Extreme Leadership program from the InsideTrack WOW team take a look their website www.alanbracken.com (CLICK HERE).