The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction July 3, 2105

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The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction July 3, 2105

Each week the Construction App Guru will post links to interesting blogs that are relevant to the construction industry for technology, leadership or training topics from other Thought Leaders.

This week check out these blog posts from Brent Darnell, James, Benham, and Carol Hagen…

What Do the Top 400 Contractors Know that You Don’t Know? (By Brent Darnell)

“I just reviewed the latest Top 400 Contractors in Engineering News Record and found out that I have worked with 11 of the top 50 contractors.  I’m pretty proud of that fact.  I’ve worked with some amazing companies.  I think these successful contractors have figured out something that other contractors have not figured out.  It boils down to a three main things:

1.  They Embrace Technology: These companies have seen the future and try to remain on the cutting edge of technology.  There are amazing things afoot and if you are just now starting to think about technology and your business, you are WAY behind.

2.  Know that Collaboration is the Key to the Future:  Even construction owners are beginning to realize that collaboration is really the way to go.  They are starting to drive these processes.  Design/Build, Design Assist, Lean, IPD, ILPD are all project delivery models that are here to stay.  We are figuring out how to execute them in the best possible way, but in time, these delivery methods will be the norm.  It will just be how we do business.  

3.  Focus on People:  These companies know to do their best to provide to their people everything they need to be successful.  They give their people the resources to improve themselves and their lives, to cultivate mastery in all areas of their lives that are important to them both professionally and personally.”

To read the full original article (CLICK HERE).

Fourth Annual Construction Technology Survey Set to Produce Big Results (By James Benham)

From June 23 until July 6, 2015, the year’s largest construction industry survey on technology will be conducted by JBKnowledge, in partnership with Texas A&M University’s Department of Construction Science, the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) and HCSS Construction Software.Last year, over 1,300 construction professionals participated in the survey, the results of which are published every fall in the annual Construction Technology Report.

This year’s survey investigates how builders are using cloud, mobile, drone and wearable technology; allocating resources for adopting new technology; and integrating processes through technology solutions. The annual survey began in 2012 as a research process to understand technology trends, strategies and budgets throughout the construction industry. The survey and resulting report has grown to be a valuable resource for any construction businesses interested in knowing where they stand among their peers and competitors.

All survey participants receive a complimentary copy of the final survey results in the 2015 Construction Technology Report when it is published this fall. The results will also be presented at the AGC IT Forum in Chicago, July 31st by JBKnowledge CEO and professional speaker James Benham.

To read the full original article (CLICK HERE).

To participate in the 2015 survey (CLICK HERE).

Pulling Data from a Scanned PDF into Excel (By Carol Hagen)

When printed materials are distributed at your next seminar or meeting, or your find a magazine that contains a table that you find valuable, most people scan the document to PDF to save it for later.  Sometimes you want this data entered into a database or added to spreadsheet.  If you can get it to a spreadsheet you can usually import into a database but who wants to key in all that data?  There’s a better way if you have Bluebeam Revu Extreme.

In today’s Bluebeam tip I’ll step you thru scanning a page from an Owner’s Manual and export the part numbers to Excel. For those who do not want to watch a video, there are two basic steps:

1. Scanning the Document to PDF

File | Create and choose From Scanner or Camera then follow the prompts displayed to select your scanner or camera, page size and document attributes (Black & White, Grayscale, etc)

To read the full original article (CLICK HERE).

Let’s “Start” with one less tab in ACAD 2016 (By Carl Storms)

Here is a quick tip for those of you out there in ACAD land that like to have as few tabs open as possible when working in ACAD. In the new release of ACAD 2016 the “Start” page is now a tab that is always on by default. There is no “x” to close or turn off the start tab. To turn off the start tab you need to use the command line shortcut STARTMODE and change the default setting to “0”. Commands in ACAD that are accompanied with the gear icon are called system variables.

To read the full original article (CLICK HERE).

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