The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction June 26, 2105

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The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction June 26, 2105

Every week the Construction App Guru will post links to interesting blogs that are relevant to the construction industry for technology, leadership or training topics from other Thought Leaders.

This week check out these blog posts from Brent Darnell, Carol Hagen, and Todd Dawalt…

Shatter Stereotypes, Create More Diversity, Save the World (By Brent Darnell)

I was walking down the street the other day and saw something I had never seen before.  It was an Asian couple with two very white, Caucasian daughters.  Stereotype turned on its head.  Paradigm shifted.  It made me think about my own prejudices and biases (conscious and unconscious) based on lots of things:  how I was raised (in the Southern USA), the media (and how they portray women and minorities), my education, my spiritual path, and the industry I grew up in (construction). I’m sure all of those things shape my world view.  So what can we all do to address these inherent biases?


Did you know that the concept of race is totally arbitrary?  The original concept of race:  Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid was a social classification based on physical characteristics, not biological ones.  They could have just as easily chosen foot size, eye color, or cranium diameter.  And these physical classifications of race were ultimately used to stereotype groups of people in order to control and manipulate them.

When scientists mapped the human genome, they found that we are 99.9% alike in our DNA.  One tenth of one percent of our DNA accounts for ALL of our differences.  Wow!  That’s a pretty small percentage.  We are far more alike than we are different.  Remember that in all your encounters with other human beings.

To read the full original article (CLICK HERE).

Bluebeam Revu Tips: Estimating Wall Area (By Carol Hagen)

Painting and wall contractors find estimating take-offs easy when the wall area can be calculated quickly.  Using a Perimeter measurement tool or an Area measurement tool , open the properties tab and enter the wall height into the Depth field to enable the measurement of the Wall Area column in the Markups list. You can of course create you own custom tools to expedite the process. I’d suggest if you are only interested in taking off wall area, make your own custom wall tools for your common wall heights (8, 10, 12 ft, etc)  so you can reuse them and not have to enter the depth field each time.

This video shows a resilient flooring tool, an area measurement) that then has the depth entered.  This method saves time in that you get multiple calculations in one measurement.  I’d use this method if I were a general contractor or a wall and flooring contractor.

To read the full original article (CLICK HERE).

#026: Cesar Abeid from The Construction Industry Podcast

Interview with Cesar Abeid

Welcome to Episode 26 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast.  My name is Todd Dawalt and my job is to provide the tools and resources you need to grow you leadership skills, grow your construction business and grow your income.

Today’s episode is an interview with Cesar Abeid, the host of The Construction Industry Podcast and The Project Management For The Masses Podcast

He is also the author of an upcoming book, Project Management For You. You can find connect with Cesar at and learn more about all the great work he is doing for construction and project management pros.

To read the full original article (CLICK HERE).


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