This week the ConTechCrew Podcast (powered by JBKnowledge ) the Crew revealed their favorite news stories from 2017 and Top 3 Moments from the podcast for Episode 100. The show was hosted by James Benham (@jamesmbenham), and he was joined by Rob McKinney (@ConAppGuru) along with Jeff Sample (@IronManofIT) and Josh Bone (@BIM2TheBone) to share the latest construction technology news.

Show Topic: Our Favorite Moments from the First 99 Episodes

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The Top 3 Moments of The Crew from the first 99 Episodes: 

 James #1:  Episode 1 – the episode that started it all. The old music, no video, what we were excited about for 2016. Augmented and Virtual Reality, Drones and more.  

Rob #1: Episode 93: Wellness Apps for Construction with DDP!  – Rob bucket list moment with his Guru! How to get and stay well on the road or at work. 

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Josh #1: AEM 15 Mike Rowe Interview – Making Trade Work Cool Again – Cost of education increasing, work smarter not harder, his letter to Obama.  

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Jeff #1: Episode 94 MCAA Tech Brett Young & Nathan Wood CMT Tool for MCERF & MCAA 

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Guest #1 Sasha Reed 

James #2 –  Episode 39 – Ronan Colins from AECOM – The demise of the BIM Manager  – talking about the importance of educating the owners and driving innovation and education in owners around the world. Irishman living in Malaysia – Exec director at AECOM Malaysia joining us in the middle of the night.  

Rob #2 – AEM 16 at CONEXPO (Infrastructure Sustainable Materials) Marwan Hassan 

One of rare times the Trio was rather quiet on set. Did not know what to expect. 

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Josh #2- Episode 88 – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Construction with Travis Voss from Mechanical Inc. I love it that a mechanical contractor hired someone like Travis. James and Travis geeked out on favorite programming language to kick off the interview – They are extremely progressive in leveraging AR and the HoloLens. Office Space reference and people skills. Travis has learned to love construction in a short time frame. Wants to get rid of tape measure. Not to mention the ConTechCrew was announced. 

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Jeff #2 – Episode 28 Live from the AGC This was the first time I saw the Trio in the flesh and a computer for your face, the Hololens. ConAppGuru’s laws of travel, The Live recap of the 3 Contractors solving Construction Arguments, Hololens, Project Tango (bummer that it is now dead), The Restroom of All Restrooms!!!!,  

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Guest #2 Kris Lengieza 

James #3  : Episode 55: ConTechTrio 55 Darren Roos from Bernards on Lessons Learned in BIM Coordination
Candy Bar Adoption and Creating a culture that geeks out on construction – hotel room repair.  

Rob # 3 – Episode #4 Revizto interview (5 people ever 2 Continents!)  

First International show (Switzerland)! Early start to over seas expansion. 

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Josh #3: Episode 73 Interview with Buck Davis – Real time as-builts with BIMBOX and ClearEdge 3D discussion and my favorite quote of the year. “Make friends and help people then everything else falls in line.” 

Jeff #3  Episode 37 with Kris Lengieza  Note 7 Debauchery!, Hole in one on a Par 4 to miss the cut!, Todd Wynne Vopalganger, Breaking down Silos, 360 Cameras and hurricane use case with Holobuilder, and educating everyone in the process. This was a watershed moment for me. Honorable mention to Episode 26 Taylor Cupp 

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Guest #3 Nathan Wood 

Other show outs from Twitter! 

Sean McGuire = Episode 94 with Brett Young at MCAA 

Taylor Cupp = Episode 93 DDP 

What were you favorite moments from the first 99 Episodes of the ConTechCrew Podcast?