Last week the ConTechCrew Podcast (powered by JBKnowledge ) conducted an exclusive interview with Jeff Ewell from EM Duggan for Episode 107 to discuss the adoption of BIM at the Subcontractor level the Construction industry. The show was hosted by James Benham (@jamesmbenham), and he was joined by Rob McKinney (@conappguru) along with Buck Davis (@BIMboxUSA) and Josh Bone (@Bim2TheBone) to share the latest construction technology news.

Tech You Should Try: 360 Photos with PlanGrid

To view the Vlog about the PlanGrid app  (CLICK HERE).

App Workflows 

1 – Capture: take a 360 photo on a RICHO Theta S camera. 

2 – Sync: move the 360 photo from camera to mobile device. 

3 – Share: place the 360 photo on a 2D plan and publish to the master set. 


Show Topic: Fostering Innovation in Construction

The ConTechCrew had a great discussion with Mr. Elwell about implementing BIM at the Subcontractor level in the Construction industry, ad on products from Revit such as Dynamo, and the design to fabrication workflow.

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