Last week the @ConTechTrio Podcast (powered by JBKnowledge ) conducted an exclusive interview with Technology Industry Leader Peter Lasensky from Notevault for Episode 36 to discuss the power of voice in the Construction industry. Host James Benham (@JamesMBenham),  was joined by Rob McKinney (@ConAppGuru) and Josh Bone (BIM2TheBone) to share the latest construction technology news.

The show details are:

Tech News of The Week:

  • Dubai awards contract for construction of world’s first 3D printed laboratory

  • Aetna will pay for part of Apple watch when customers enter wellness plans

  • Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft come together to create historic partnership on API

  • This startup uses self flying drones to map and manage construction sites 

Tech You Should Try: DJI Mavik drone

Show Topic: The Power of Voice in Construction 

Special Guests: Peter Lasensky CEO of Notevault

Mr. Lasensky discussed his time working after college, how he found his way into the technology industry, and how the power of voice can impact the Daily Report for construction companies.