Last week the the JBKnowledge team launched a new podcast series focused on the latest construction technology trends and updates. The show is called the “ConTechTrio” and can be found on the iTunes, Spreaker and Soundcloud platforms. The show is hosted by James Benham (CEO of JBKnowledge) and features co-host Rob McKinney (Technology Consultant for JBKnowledge) and Josh Bone (Business Development Manager and BIM Consultant for JBKnowledge). 

Show Notes

If you would like to read the podcast show notes (CLICK HERE), but I hope you’ll take some time to download (free) and listen for yourself!

The Podcast:

If you would like to listen to the podcast and follow the #ConTechTrio check out on the following platforms:

Listen to the #ConTechTrio Podcast on iTunes

Listen to the #ConTechTrio Podcast on Spreaker

Listen to the #ConTechTrio Podcast on SoundCloud

Listen to the #ConTechTrio Podcast on YouTube

Stay tuned for future episodes from the #ConTechTrio about new apps, hardware and workflow descriptions in the following weeks. And be sure to share your thoughts with us by using the #ConTechTrio hashtag on Twitter!