The @ConTechTrio Podcast (powered by JBKnowledge ) has conducted several amazing interviews this year with Technology Industry Leaders!  The podcast show is hosted by James Benham (@JamesMBenham),  and is cohosted by Josh Bone (BIM2TheBone) and by Rob McKinney (@ConAppGuru) to share the latest construction technology news. Recently, a listen asked me which of the episodes were the most popular. After reviewing the latest stats, the top podcast episodes of 2016 are:

Top Episodes for 2016 (as of 12/18/16)

Episode 36 featured Peter Lasensky from Notevault and has achieved 3,091 plays. This show focused on the power of voice in recording daily reports and safety issues. (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)

Episode 37 featured Kris Lengeiza from Stiles Construction and has achieved 2,761 plays. This show focused on leveraging project data.  (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)

Episode 35 featured Nathan Wood from Spectrum AEC and has achieved 2,703 plays. This show focused on the tipping point on technology in the construction space. (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)

Episode 33 featured Larry Sullivan from COINS and has achieved 2,008 plays. This show focused on the current state of financial focused software for construction.  (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)

Episode 34 Wouter Tufino from Holland ConTech and has achieved 1,943 plays. This show focused on the current state of construction technology in Holland.  (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)

Top Software Interview for 2016 (as of 12/18/16)

Hidden Gems for 2016 (as of 12/18/16)

Which Episodes were your favorites? What topics would you like to see discussed in 2017?

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