Last week I passed along a few great predictions about the future of Technology for Construction in 2015 from various industry though leaders. Some of the interesting predictions were: more adoption of mobiles devices, visual story telling, and development of custom software. This is certainly an exciting time for the advancement of technology in the construction industry. This week I have a few more predictions to add to the collection…

“I am expecting wearables to make a splash on the construction site, especially eyewear based upon all the investment Intel is making and the announcements from the Consumer Electronics Show. There should also be more augmented reality usage particularly by large construction firms.”

Carol Hagen
Construction Software Trainer
Hagen Business Systems, Inc.

“One of FotoIN goals for this year is to deliver a zero friction user experience in the field so technology literally does it all except pressing the photo button. We expect much more integrated ecosystem in 2015, Just like FotoIN working on more integrations with other repositories and systems, as well as adjacent and industry specific solutions. We are working on adding more configuration options that lead to full workflow automation. What if you could take a photo with FotoIn Mobile and depending on how a user tagged the photo it would initiate a workflow such as a RFI?”

Sly Barisic
FotoIn Mobile

“Technology is going to continue to increase it’s presence in Construction. 3D Modeling and Building Information will continue to expand into 4D and provide more overall information about a project and it’s context. Software to address productivity obstacles will continue to appear and companies will have a suite of applications and programs that they will use to become more and more productive. Software companies will need to continue to head towards providing flexible solutions that don’t involve huge commitments from the users. Technology, while becoming more powerful, will have to become more global and understand that it reaches the entire spectrum of tech-savviness – from the carpenter on a project site to the CEOs of the companies- and value every one of those customers equally.”

Ryan Sutton-Gee

“We did a survey of 1,000 builders and asked about their current and developing technology. ( They are trying out emerging tech like AR and wearables but are still hindered by disconnected systems and spreadsheets. We’re hoping to see more “out of the box” integrations so that independent software applications can transfer data without end users having to do it manually. COSA ( taking over the agcXML effort should motivate integration development. This will truly connect all systems from the job site to the office to the mobile, wearable and desktop devices builders are now eager to try out.”

James M Benham

Virtual/Augmented Reality – I first witnessed an example of the material impact of this technology at the AGC St. Louis BIM show last year. The presenter showed a chef working in their virtual kitchen and finding an issue with the distance between an oven and the opposing counter. This chef had reviewed the floor plans and 3D model but did could not “feel the distance issue until he was immersed in the model. This idea of feel was brought up by Gilbane at the ENR Future Tech conference in Atlanta where they used the Oculus Rift to help the architect virtually walk through an atrium that was under construction. The presenter made a very astute observation about the convergence of technology in the gaming industry and the technology used in AEC for rendering.

I think people like ConAppGuru are critical to pushing the industry forward. Having folks who deal with the practical realities of getting work done is critical in bridging the gap between the “wild and crazy” ideas software/hardware companies dream about and what will work in the field.”

Dan Conery
Vice President, Construction Solutions

The Construction App Guru would like to thank all the thought leaders who contributed their predictions for 2015 to this series.

What do I think about the future for Technology for COnstruction in 2015? Stay tuned for details…