The ConTech Tuesday series is dedicated to reviewing new apps and software for the construction industry that can improve work flows and transform companies! Last weeks ConTech Tuesday Vlog from The ConTechCrew focused on the use case for back office workflows on construction project sites. The @IronManofIT, Jeff Sample, reviewed on the Revu platform from Bluebeam for use on Construction projects.

App Workflows 

1 – Stapler: connect multiple file sources into one package.

2 – Digitize: convert paper forms to digital forms.

3 – Form Creator: build new forms and share online, you will need Extreme License for this function, but ROI is baked in! 

To watch the Vlog about the Revu platform  (CLICK HERE).

To learn more about Bluebeam (CLICK HERE).

What workflows and apps would you like to see reviewed or discussed by The ConTechCrew team?