The ConTech Tuesday series is dedicated to reviewing new apps and software for the construction industry that can improve work flows and transform companies! This weeks ConTech Tuesday Vlog from The ConTechCrew focused on the use case for apps to manage safety on construction project sites. The ConAppGuru, reviewed on the CCS Safety app for use on Construction projects.

App Workflows 

1 – Document: create an Observation, Inspection or Tool Box Talk for unsafe actions or conditions. 

2 – Manage: track open safety items through “Analytics” feature. 

3 – Learn: review documents in the “File Drawer” such as Safety Plans, share information through a “Lessons Learned” entry. 

Feature #1: Project Set up (Web) 

A – Review Risk Dashboard: review recent safety trends through data from the users in the field.

 B – Create a new project: assign categories, assign Users, and set Permission levels  

C – Mobile Apps: assign categories and other items to specific projects. 

D – Lessons learned: review and distribute team safety knowledge. 

Feature #2: Document (App) 

Users can document safety items by creating or using: Observations, Mobile Forms, Toolbox Talks, Procedures, Process Flows and the File Cabinet. Many users type in their entries but some users prefer the “Talk to Text” feature that allows them to dictate information into the app.

Feature #3: Manage (Apps)

Users can view safety items through two features.

A: Open issues ( sort by Project, by Date, or by Severity) 

B: Analytics ( sort by Observations or Open issue over 7, 14,  30, or 60 days) 

  • Pro upgrade offers “Predictive Analytics” users “Artificial Intelligence” to analyze recent trends in your data to try and show patterns for the future. 

Feature #4: Learn (App or Web)

Users can learn from other team members through “Lessons Learned”. These can be generated by three categories. 

A: Type: Self, Project, Client, Company, or Industry. 

B: Category: Contract Change, Policy Change, Process Change, Training Issue, or Procedure. 

C: Priority: Rank the importance from 1 to 10. 

To watch the Vlog about the CCS Safety app  (CLICK HERE).

To learn more about the CCS Safety app and Capital Construction Solutions (CLICK HERE).

What workflows and apps would you like to see reviewed or discussed by The ConTechCrew team?