This weeks  ConTech Tuesday Vlog from The ConTechCrew focuses on the use case for using a VPN platform for securing company computer and mobile device assets. The ConTech Tuesday series is dedicated to reviewing new apps and software for the construction industry that can improve work flows and transform companies! This week Jeff Sample, @IronManofIT, reviewed on the IPVanish  Tool for use as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for Construction Users.

To view the Vlog about the IPVanish web tool and app  (CLICK HERE).

Feature #1: VPN Servers in Locals across the world  

IPVanish has local servers to connect in most major cities and the capacities do not limit your speeds which can be the case with other services or company VPN’s. 

Feature #2: NO Logging  

IPVanish does not log the traffic that you are sending through there system thus removing the possibility that they could be monitoring your traffic and providing to marketing or other interested parties. 

Feature #3: 5 Devices for one license 

No one carries one device anymore and IPVanish has you covered.  You can run 5 simultaneous devices so I have my phone, laptop, desktop, business and streaming device all protected at once.  And since we are techies I have it installed other places but not running at the same time. 

Feature #4: Unlimited Bandwidth  

  • Some people might not find this important but for those streaming a lot and road warriors like us we hate to be limited. 

To learn more about the IPVanish platform go to today.

What workflows and apps would you like to see reviewed or discussed by The ConTechCrew team?