Remember in the old days when you took job site pictures with a Polaroid camera and stored those little square things in boxes? Remember in the old days when you took pictures with a large camera that stored them on a floppy disk? Remember in the old days when you took pictures on a camera, then downloaded them to your laptop, then spent hours trying to upload them to your office on a slow DSL connection? In the era of the iPad, the ways of the old days have come to an END!

There are many apps that allow a user to document a project with photos with a few simple steps. There are free apps, free apps that charge your use there higher functions, and paid apps. The free photo apps like PhotoPen can do a lot. When paired with another app like DropBox you can take photos and move them easily to your server. But how will you find the photo files once they are on your server?

The FotoIN app lets you take project progress photos and sync them back to your server. You can choose form Box, Egnyte, or Sharepoint. After taking your photos you can tag the photo by construction trade, categorize it by type such as safety, or annotate it with notes. FotoIN embeds the info into the photo file together with time and geo stamp, then automatically syncs it to your Cloud account into the appropriate project and finally sync the files back to your server.

The app also allows you to create a report that can be converted into a PDF and emailed to anyone you choose. You can search your server for the photos or use the FotoIn mobile website. The website offer many filter options and also let’s you create custom tags.

To use FotoIN app with your cloud account download the app and install it on your mobile device and log in with both your FotoIN and storage account information and you’ll be able to sync all your files and reports to your storage account. If you have not already signed up please go to to sign up for a free FotoIN account.