Earlier this month Apple held its annual September “Special Event” event to release new hardware and software products. There were several great announcements at the event such as the updated AppleWatch with GPS, iPhone 7 Plus with two cameras and updates to the IOS platform. How will the new updates to IOS by Apple impact the Construction Industry? The following are what I would consider the Top Ten IOS 10 features for Construction Companies to use:

#1 Mail: Frequently Used Mailboxes

The Mail app update on IOS 10 allows users to activate the “Move Message” option in Settings, then you will notice that the Mail app will start providing suggestions about which folder to move a message to automatically. For example, construction users can now move project related emails into a “Project” folder. This new feature will start suggesting emails from my project contacts to be placed into my “Project” folder.

#2 Calendar: Found Events

The Calendar app update for iOS 10 has added a found events feature. The Calendar app will now suggest events to you that have been found in your email (Mail App) and text (Messages App). This can help construction users find and remember meeting invites and other project events that may otherwise overlook. In addition, the new Time To Leave feature uses Apple Maps to look up your meeting and event locations to suggest the best times for you to leave based on local traffic conditions and transit options.

#3 Camera: Memories Feature

The Camera app update IOS 10 has a new feature called Memories. The feature pulls together photos based on the times and locations where a photo was taken to automatically generate video slideshows. This feature relies on the photos in your Camera Roll to generate the video slideshow. For example, one of the videos that was generated from my Camera Roll in the Memories tab was called “Test Project A.”

#4 Notes: New Collaboration Feature

The Notes app update on iOS 10 now allows users to collaborate on notes similar to Evernote. Construction users can now share and collaborate on a note by tapping on the collaboration icon, which is at the top middle of a note. After users tap on the icon, select how you would like to send your Notes collaboration invitation (the current options are Messages, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

#5 Misc: WIFI Network status

The Settings app update on iOS 10 now allows users to better manage the WIFI networks that they use in public. This feature will allow users to better secure their networks if they have not done so. The Wi-Fi settings menu in iOS 10 now shows users warnings such as “No Internet Connection.” IOS 10 will makes recommendations about security such as “WPA is not considered secure. Configure your router to use WPA2 Personal (AES) security type for this network.”

#6 Phone: Spam feature

The Settings app update on iOS 10 now allows users to download third party apps that can warns them about incoming “spam” calls.This will prevent users from answering annoying insurance, political or other calls they wish not to receive! One great example app called Hiya, which shows users a “Do Not Enter” shield when it determines that an incoming phone call is coming from a number that is known for being a fraudulent or scam number.

#7 Misc: Raise to Wake

The introduction of the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 6 made seeing notifications challenging for many users. For many people, by the time they used the Touch ID feature to unlock their iPhone their eyes did not have enough time to shift up to look at their notifications. Apple has now added a feature called “Raise to Wake” that shows you the Lock Screen every time you pick up your iOS device, even when your finger is on the Home Button! However this feature is only compatible with the  post iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices.

#8 Siri: Call An Ride

In IOS 10 Apple has added the ability to call an Lyft or a Uber ride quickly through Siri. This allows travelers in a new city to easily obtain a ride to their chosen destination. Apple users can now just tell Siri “Call an Uber” or “Call a Lyft” and then select the type of car that you need. I wonder if this will make it easier to drop the pin on the map to select you pick up location?

#9 Safari: Side by Side View (iPad only)

One new iPad specific feature is the ability to view two websites through side-by-side tabs. This would allow a user to compare two products at one time, research new devices, or read news while working! To set this up open Safari then press and hold down the tab button at the top right corner, a pop-up message will ask you if you want to “Open Split View.” Users can then drag the tab to the left or the right screen. This new feature will work on the iPad Pro 1, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 4.

#10 Messages: Hand Written Text

When you tilt your device into landscape mode while using the Messages app, it will switch to a mode that allows you to handwrite text messages. This allows users to quickly scribble a quick message or draw a small object to share with others.

Have you installed IOS 10 yet on your Apple devices? What are your favorite new features? Please share a few in the comments section below.