Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of talk lately about the use of UAV/UAS (AKA sDones) on Construction sites. Are they legal are they safe, are they useful? What is the FAA stance on this topic? Where do you actually draw the line from being a “Hobbyist” and start acting as a “Commercial” operation? What are the proper steps to follow in order to be in compliance with FAA guidelines? So the question at hand for many Construction firms is should they Drone or NOT Drone in 2017.

Since the FAA revisions for commercial use have gone into effect, many former “Hobbiest” have now gone through the official processes and are using their drone units in interesting ways. The use of UAV/UAS (AKA Drone) technology on construction project sites has drastically increased over the past couple of years.

Their are several advantages for using Drone technology on Construction project sites. For example, Safety Coordinators no longer need to climb tall ladders or use scaffolding to conduct crane inspections. Companies can adjust how task are accomplished through this new technology. For example, drones allows companies to take more photos, videos and scans each day to better document their project sites and use in marketing efforts.

In addition, there are other great use cases such as: Land Surveying ( current existing conditions), Progress Status ( day to day tracking of installed work), Material Management ( measure stock pile quantities), 3D Modeling ( from scanned images and videos), and Thermal scans ( look for leaks).

In late 2016, there were significant updates to the FAA regulations governing commercial use. The new Part 107 address several issues for the commercial use on drones used on construction projects such as: flight restrictions, obtaining a Aircraft Operator Certificate, age limit and language requirements. This went into effect on August 29th, 2016.

A few examples of where he think the Futures Uses for Drones can lead such as: small tool delivery, light material delivery, safety or emergency services such as search and rescue, scanning through expandable sensor packages.

When look at a new project site how do you study the existing site conditions? Do you drive out and take photos from the ground? Do you use a UAV ( aka Drone) to fly the site? Do you rely on Google Maps for the most current information? Would you like to have access to extremely detailed high resolution images that have been taken recently?


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Does your company use UAV/UAS technology on construction project sites? If so leave a comment on how you use them.