On the ConTechTrio podcast we discuss news apps, hardware and software week. One of the show segments features Tech you should try for Construction projects. Every week we focus on a different tech related item for our listeners. They following are a few of my favorites that I have tried out this year.

Apple Air Pods

These new headphones seem to be either an absolute hit or failure depending on who you talk to. I have spoke with several users that are very happy with the new Air Pods. The ability to talk or listen to musics cord free is great a option. I recently was able to test them out through a friend that has been using them for around 4 months. He takes the majority of his calls on his new Air Pods.  I have a pair on order now, I will provide more details once they arrive!

Beast Powerbeats 3

Based on a few recommendations I gave the PB3’s a try out recently. As promised by users that I know the PB3’s instantly synced to my iPhone 7 + ( Sprint version) and allowed me to make voice call, listen to iTunes playlist and even connect with my DDP Yoga app for workouts! The PB3’s sound very good and the battery did last as advertised. I tried them out in noisy airports, loud construction sites, and other very non-quiet environments. The only issue that I experienced was a fit issue, I am not a fan of the behind the ear arms. After about 30 minutes they just seem to bother me, which is a shame because they do perform really well.

Bose QC 35

These noise canceling headphones are simply a necessity to my for my travel life in airport, on airplanes, and even at home when I need to block out distractions. The specs say that users can get up to 10 hours of talk time and 15 hours of music playback time. I wear these on every flight and use for several hours to listen to playlist on my iPhone 7 + or movies on my iPad. The only issue that I have run into with the QC 35’s are they do tend to feel hot after four or five hours of use, but this is typical of many over the ear headphones.

LG HBS-730

These have been my “GO TO” headphones for over a year. I am still amazed how LONG the battery last on these headphones. They connect easily to all of my mobiles devices ( two iPhones, three iPads, LG tablet, and Macbook Air). The specs say that users can get up to 15 hours of talk time and 10 hours of music playback time. I wear these most days and use for several hours on calls and to listen to playlist on Pandora.


Have you tried any of these devices? If so please leave a comment about your experience below.