If you have read this blog for any amount of time you may have noticed that I am member of the “Cult of Mac”. I mainly use Apple products such as my Macbook 15″, iPad Mini, iPad Air2, and iPhone 6. The Apple universe of apps such as Keynote, Numbers, Safari, and iCloud  work well for me. The iPad has been a revolutionary device for the construction company that I work for. The shift to mobile devices has allowed us to move work flows from paper based to cloud based. I have spoken with several Project Managers and Superintendents that have given up desktop and laptop units and only use a tablet now!

For those that have not transitioned to full time use of tablets for work loads there seems to be one common compliant about iPad tablets… the lack of a mouse. It is interesting to speak with construction professionals about the need of a mouse for tasks such as using certain software, websites, and editing documents. They express the frustration of not being able to “Right Click”!

I know a few diehard Android users that have tried to sway my opinion to their way of thinking. With that said I have become “Google Curious” lately and started using more Google Apps on my IOS devices. I have been using several Google apps such as Google Voice, Google Drive, and Chrome on my iPad for some time. Like any software and platform there are of course limitations to the use of a product outside its designed environment. I like how all of my workflows can be tied together in the “Google” world of apps, but how much differently would things work on an Android device?

Last week I looked at the Samsung 10 inch Tab 4 and Samsung S Action Mouse to go along with it. Yes a mouse that pairs with a tablet to make things work almost like a desktop or laptop experience. But wait a minute you say, can the Microsoft Surface Pro3 do the same thing? Wait and read the use case for the SurfacePro 3 in the following weeks. Next week I will explain the results of my inquiry into the the Samsung Tab 4.