The Construction industry is in the midst of a major labor force change. Many seasoned professionals are leaving the industry due to retirement and exploring other options. This trend is creating a labor shortage of sorts. In order to be successful in the future, Construction companies that want to succeed will need young, talented workers to join the company. Hiring millennials isn’t a radically different process from hiring anyone else, but you’ll need to keep some important differences in mind to make your hiring efforts more effective.

Millennials, if you haven’t noticed already, have key strengths no other generations boasts. They’re savvy with social media and other forms of technology. They’re also especially idealistic and ambitious, according to a study from the Chief Marketing Officer Council. They have different expectations and beliefs than those of older generations, yet they make great employees if given the opportunity.

Most importantly, they’re entering the workforce in large numbers. Companies that don not try to appeal to the younger generation could find themselves missing out on employees who could help further the business. Since millennials are so connected to the Internet, one of the best ways to win them over is through technology. Follow these tips to attract millennials to your workplace.

Post Where They Spend Their Time

For many millennials, opening up a newspaper and checking the “help wanted” ads is a last-ditch effort to find work. To reach a crowd of younger job applicants, you’ll need to make the job posting available where the millennials are most likely to be. People aged 18 to 36 years old spend an average of almost 18 hours a day consuming some sort of media. When not sleeping, this age group spends 5.4 hours a day consuming user-generated content like YouTube videos, blogs, emails and social media.

Of this age group, 71 percent reportedly use social media on a daily basis. With that in mind, it makes sense to utilize those platforms to attract the type of employee you want. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, sharing job postings over social media can be effective.

Make the Job Postings Unique

People like being talked to directly and honestly. Millennials are no different, and they won’t be put off by an unconventional job posting that is more interesting than all the other traditional, cookie-cutter postings out there.

Be unique and highlight what sets your company apart from the others. Maybe the culture is different or the company is keen on giving back to the community. That stuff isn’t always included in many job postings, but putting it in can make your company stand out to potential candidates.

There’s a fine line between writing an interesting job posting and making a cringe-worthy one that feels like pandering. Don’t write stuff that you don’t really understand, but don’t hesitate to have a little fun with it. Potential employees will appreciate a break from all the dull postings they’ve browsed.

Play up the Perks

Health insurance, good pay, a retirement plan and vacation time are all welcome benefits, but it’s worth going into details in your job posting about other benefits that you might offer.

Millennials are all about self-improvement, so highlight any on-the-job learning, including formal instruction, practical training and evaluation. Companies that offer training might attract the type of candidates that are willing to take on new challenges and better themselves. A staggering 94 percent of millennials make self-improvement commitments compared to just 84 percent of baby boomers. What this generation lacks in experience, they make up for in their desire to get better. Use that to your advantage when coming up with your job posting.

Another benefit to highlight is a willingness to encourage creativity and flexibility. Maybe this means you regularly provide opportunities to try new construction skills or simply offer a variety of different projects to take on. On the flexibility front, highlight the hours of work and the schedule.  Whatever you offer potential hires, even the intangible benefits should be included in your job posting.

Highlight How Your Company Gives Back

One of the other traits that set millennials apart from other generations is their desire to give back. They want to feel like they’re a part of something large and meaningful. A paycheck isn’t always enough to keep them satisfied.  Not all companies can or should want to change the world, but there are some routes that your construction company can take. If your company is involved in any charitable projects, whether it’s fundraising, volunteer days or projects for people in need, highlight these projects on the position’s job posting.

Utilize A Technology Savvy Generation

For some reason Construction companies are slow to adopt new technology and processes. Some companies do not want to spend the money required to purchase new hardware, train employees, or research new options. However, there are other companies that are willing to push the envelope and adopt new technology when it becomes available and has a good potential ROI. Consider bringing in a new employee that is very comfortable and familiar with the new technology out there. Allow this person to research new options for you and test them out on projects to see what works.

Embrace Change

Millennials might seem a little confusing, and that’s because they sometimes are. This generation is likely to switch from job to job in the hopes of finding something more interesting. While the average person spends four and a half years with an employers, millennials only last half that long.

With that in mind, it’s important to create an environment that they like and experiment with changes. It’s a little more work on your part, but a loyal, reliable workforce is a huge benefit.  

About the Author:

Megan Wild is a home improvement writer who is also interested in the residential and commercial construction industries. She enjoys writing and hiking outdoors, and cataloging her ideas on her blog, Your Wild Home.